Tuesday, January 20, 2009

happenings of recent

hi there! we've been out and about doing things and doing nothing. today = barack obama! holy moly. new year, new pres, new mind. i can feel it!

pitchfork's 50 best albums of 2008 is up. and i haven't heard enough, nope. i need to get back in the loop.

as far as dang argyle goes...
* we added a few things to the shop recently. (do you like star wars?)
* we've both been absorbed in some good nordic fiction books. (if you want suggestions, let me know!)
* we're trying to think of a warm weekend vacation destination. (where we will hopefully not drive any cars into lava rocks or faultlines.)

1 comment:

co said...

granola bars and mcvitties? a healthy icelandic diet.