Tuesday, May 05, 2009

rethunk recap

the green street fair / rethunk market was pretty fun. the fair was friday through monday. i only vended on sunday and it was the best day weather-wise. i guess the other days the handmade detroit and swap-o-rama-rama tents battled wind, rain, and the fire martial. yep. there was steady traffic, although sales around our end weren't so hot. i had a lot of fun people watching and dog watching. yes, it was like watching a dog parade! there were big dogs, small dogs, every kind of dog you can imagine. i'm in the market for a dog, so it was like window shopping. the most interesting dog related tidbit was the tiny dog wearing a tiny straw hat and "driving" a monster truck. (the owner was following him with a remote control.)

other interesting sights included mother earth walking around on stilts, a parrot, a kid with a machine gun made out of balloons (what happened to balloon animals?), and a kids' wagon with huge pimped out wheels. i didn't get to walk around much, but had fun chatting with folks in the rethunk market tent. to make the day even more swell i bought some sweet goods from handmade detroit, sean hages, reware vintage, and courtney fischer. (who were all lovely tent mates.)


Comfortably Lovely said...

I am so jealous of your set up. It's always the cutest thing ever!!

dang amanda said...

aww, thanks! it took me a while to get a set up i was okay with.
it was good to see you on sunday! :)