Thursday, April 08, 2010

happy anniversary

april 8th marks the 20th anniversary of twin peaks. thank you david lynch and mark frost for all its zany wonderfulness. peaks = unforgetable characters, a great soundtrack, david duchovny in drag, and it's still great after all these years. if i were forced to pick a favorite character, episode, or scene i simply could not do it. it's all too wonderful to judge. i love the horne brothers greeting the icelanders and roasting marshmallows, i love (david lynch as) gordon cole falling for shelly johnson and exclaiming his socks are on fire, i love hiding under my blanket as killer bob crawls over the couch in laura palmer's house, i love pete and josie and the fish in the percolator, i love every word that comes out of agent cooper's mouth.
etsy has some great handmade twin peaks themed items for sale by various artists. i have this lovely print by seasprayblue hanging in my living room: and i have this adorable piece by the great northern hanging in my kitchen. their whole shop is peaks!

hopefully you celebrated with a damn fine cup of coffee, black as midnight on a moonless night. and pie. don't forget RR's cherry pie.

what's your favorite peaks moment?

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Girl Land said...

My brother tweeted this last week. :) We were both fans. We love the fish in the percolator too. I used to have a red shirt with white lettering that read, "I killed Laura Palmer". Some of my fave parts were Nadine's silent drape runners, Laura shouting anything crazily ie "I LOVE YOU!!!" just before she jumps off James' bike or "He looks so familiar!!!" in Fire Walk with Me. Also, Waldo the Myna bird used to give me the willies as did Mr. Palmer singing Mairzie Doats. Yikes! Thanks for this awesome post!!! My SIL was the log lady one year for Halloween. Nobody knew who she was.