Saturday, April 03, 2010

irenne, the mean green sewing machine

i retired irenne, the mean green sewing machine, in december 2006 when it finally bit the dust. after a zillion jams, broken needles and oil spits, she went on her merry way and i replaced her with a viking. i inherited the machine, a kenmore model #158.16012 made around 1970-1971, from my grandma irenne (better known as grandma nanny.) so it made sense to replace the german grams with the icelandic grams. it's funny to ME anyway. :)

i found out last week that she has a local twin! i was at blue house ann arbor, teaching a basic sewing class, and low and behold there she was, as though irenne had been resurrected. what are the chances that i'd know the exact machine that BHAA owner siobhan inherited from her own grandmother? sure, a lot of us start on hand-me-down machines, but i, lover of nostalgia and coincidence, think it's more than that. sadly, i couldn't get the feed dog set up correctly on irenne's twin, a button is stuck, so i couldn't get the machine in proper working order.

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