Monday, April 19, 2010

the land of craft fairs, fire, and ice

i had a lovely time vending at craft revival on saturday! it was super fun sharing a table with courtney fischer jewelry. the revival vendors had some great stuff! i treated myself to a tank top by always the forest, some scissor towels from lish magic, and some robot buttons by lmnop. a big thanks to everyone who came out on a blustery day to hang out with us! i love being a michigan crafter. it's such a great community of super awesome people, in case you didn't know.

unrelatedly, this past week i've been pouring over images of iceland and the eruption of eyjafjallajokull... getting lost in memories of visiting iceland, and of the ash that is covering the land, the flooding, the farmers searching for their cattle amidst thick ash clouds. it is mesmerizing. the dang girls have been on two awesome trips to iceland together. but the first time i went was in 2000 with family, and i went to the small island of heimaey and saw eldfell, which erupted in 1973. you could walk right up it and see the heat rising up from underneath your feet as you walked. there were small "pockets" that were hot enough to melt items, like the soles of your shoes, a comb and a pop bottle- which we totally did. (i wonder where that comb is now, i know i have it somewhere.) it was so amazing to walk on this land that erupted over 25 years ago and to still feel the heat from it. and there was still a lot of evidence of the destruction all over the island. lava rock piles were everywhere, building roofs still peeking out from it in some areas. i am reminded of all this as eyjafjallajokull continues to spill her guts all over the iceland countryside.

(photo of eldfell courtesy of the internet.)


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