Sunday, May 02, 2010

may day

may 1st was a busy day in michigan. for one, president obama spoke at U of M's commencement. most of the week ann arbor has been talking and preparing, helicopters flying overhead, and plenty of tweets about the event. like him or not, it's pretty awesome to have a sitting president speak at graduation, and come to town period. he was in and out in a flash.

the first day of may also marked day one of smoke free michigan! so no more smoking in bars and restaurants. i kind of want to go to 12 concerts soon just so i can wear my contacts and not have them stick to my eyeballs due to smokey, dry air.

i guess i had the option to go to the big house... but i spent the day in downtown flint at the spring craft market representing the dang and the argyle. it's fun getting to see my crafty peeps, and meet new ones, so it was a good day all in all.

later today i'll begin a BIG SHOP UPDATE! stay tuned.

p.s. marcy, i'll iron my table cloth now!

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