Sunday, July 25, 2010

mittenMADE wrap-up

last friday and saturday we set up shop at mittenMADE @ blue house ann arbor. it was quite an adventure, thanks to the weather. it's hard heading into an outdoor show where the forecast says 2 days of straight thunderstorms and 95 degrees!

BH owner siobhan had the place looking fabulous with her adorable signage, and everything was super organized. on friday we were outside in the yard/lot. i bought a new tent and it was my first time setting up under my own tent (i know, weird, right?). halfway through the day we had some good downpours, and some crafters' stuff got ruined. the storms passed and we made it through the afternoon, dripping with sweat, and welcoming some guests that came out after the rain passed.

all day we were asking each other, "are you keeping your tent up overnight?" and most of us did afterall. that night there was a tornado warning and the sirens were going off in ann arbor! i was reading tweets of the downtown ann arbor art fairs being a wash-out with rivers flowing down the street, and i was thinking of poor blue house's parking lot full of our tents.

when i drove up the next morning i saw many tents collapsed, but many were still standing- including my new one! holy crap! (thank you for that.) and thank you to siobhan's support team (bill) who kept eye on the tents overnight. the weather report showed 90% chance of thunderstorms all day for day two of mittenMADE... so we made the executive decision to move the fair inside blue house, where there is A/C and no rain. we squeezed in, set up shop, and the fair began! but of course the sun came out a few hours later and there was NO RAIN the rest of the day. seriously, what are the odds? ;) at least we had A/C.
overall it was a super fun weekend though, eating bagels, that oberon run, chatting with some super fabulous fellow crafters for two days. (hi nicole, sherry, marcy, stephanie, courtney, elana, and whitney!) i made some sweet trades with some pals and got some great new art for my house, which i'll post later.

two more weeks til dang argyle's next two-day outdoor craft fair-- Saline Craft & Art Show! i wonder what it will bring...


Jami said...

I stopped by on Saturday, unfortunately I had my husband and toddler with me so we could only do a quick walk through. Your stuff is so cute. I'm glad you'll be at the Saline fair, I'll have to check it out! I was worried the Saline one might be all old lady stuff, but since you'll be there it gives me hope :D

dang argyle said...

haha! the vendor list is here, if you're interested.

dang argyle said...

and thanks! stop by and say hello.