Tuesday, October 05, 2010

i don’t knit or crochet, i look at books

i did take a knitting class in the spring at blue house, taught by nicole of sloe gin fizz, but sadly, i retained very little and cannot get the yarn onto the other needle. even though i can’t knit or crochet, i LOVE to check out books on the matter to see what fabulous things other folks are making. here are the latest two i grabbed and totally dig:

i love this book. i have a hidden passion for graffiti, and being a lover of craft, i find yarn bombing totally intriguing. yarn bombing = leaving a knitted or crocheted work in a public space. this is usually done in a stealth manner. yarn bombing can be political, it can be heart-warming, and it can be funny. this particular book is truly mesmerizing, and is a definitive guide to act of yarn graffiti. since summer i’ve seen some yarn tagging around ypsilanti and ann arbor and it makes me happy whenver i see it. this book is chock full if images of yarn graffiti, the story behind some taggers and some groups, the reason, the why, and it has patterns and ideas for you! tag a telephone pole, a tree, a rock, a wall, a bike, a fence, the list is endless. check out the fabulous author blog at yarnbombing.com, which has a lot of images, to see what's inside the book. do it.

crobots: 20 amigurumi robots to make, by nelly pailloux

one word: ROBOTS. more words: they are tiny and crocheted japanese style and are SO CUTE. i would like to make these little robots. but in reality, due to lack of skill, i would like someone skilled in the art of crochet to make one (or many) for me. robots are just awesome, hands down. in this book you will find images of the finished crocheted bots and the patterns to make them. you can make a dogbot, ninjabot, zombiebot, retrobot, mechanobot, or even a space mouse. one of my favorite things about the book is the little story each robot has to go with it.

bouncebot: round and energetic, bouncebot has gleaming, multifaceted eyes, a rich assortment of controls, and a rolling, bouncy walk. despite his slightly bland expression, he radiates a cheerful, positive air- use him to brighten up the "to do" pile on your desk, or sit him on a corner of the kitchen counter so that he can keep an eye on who is coming and going around the house.

as with most amigurumi dolls, these are way cute. don't say i didn't warn you.


sloeginfizz said...

Thanks for the shout out, Amanda!! And I loved your folow up post to this one. Can't wait to do some mitten-bombing!! ;)

dang argyle said...

hooray! i was excited months ago about mitts, now even more so :D