Monday, November 22, 2010

DUCF preview #2: pardon my pleats

preparation for the detroit urban craft fair, which is less than TWO WEEKS away (dec. 4-5 at the fillmore), it is in full swing around here. every room in my house is scattered with fabric and bits of thread are stuck to everything it can get a grip on. i love this point of preparing for a big event where a lot needs done beforehand and many lists need made to keep it all straight. a sort of craft-insanity takes place as you're making coffee at midnight and dancing around in your PJs as you cut out interfacing and talk to yourself while planning a crafty hibernation to make it all happen in time. it makes me quite happy and insane to do so. after spending the entire weekend hitting "that crazy spot" i am pleased with where things are headed. here's a glimpse of a bit of what you'll find there:


sloeginfizz said...

I LOVE these, Amanda! Such a great design!

dang argyle said...

Thanks. :)