Tuesday, December 14, 2010

DIYpsi round-up

while i was frantically sewing up finishing touches on items for DIYpsi last week, i watched a movied called bang the drum slowly, a 1970s baseball movie starring robert de niro. he ends up falling ill and then out of baseball. at one point when the illness is taking its toll he is wobbling across the street and says "i'm dipsy." YES. DIYPSI. i thought i was hearing things, the he said it again! he was feeling dipsy. i had to chuckle. oh the crafty madness of craftin' it up on little sleep. (also, upon googling i was reminded that there is a teletubby named dipsy. oh noez.)

DIYpsi: a handmade holiday craft fair was a first year show put on by sherri, marcy and cre (AKA: sparklepants industries, all things grow and tin angry men). 2.5 weeks before the show the venue it was to be held at shut down! without warning. so it was scramble time for them to find a new venue and make it work, so that the show would go on.

and go on it did! it was held at woodruff's in depot town and another small space across the street. the cozy bar i was in was busy all day, i laughed with some of my crafty peeps, saw many familiar faces since it was in my neck of the woods, sold some dang stuff, and enjoyed some chickpea sammiches from local caterers EAT. little DIYPsi was a success! well done, pals.

fun fact: across the street from the venue was tats for toys. which was essentially folks lined up around the block waiting to donate a toy in order to get a free tattoo. needless to say, the long line was a topic of conversation.

DIYpsi was the last show for dang argyle this year! i did eight craft fairs in 2010, which is the most we've done in one year. when we started doing shows in 2006 we did maybe three a year on average. i keep doing more! i don't know if i wish to continue to do so. it seems like there are so many more shows being organized each year, and doing fairs is addicting, so it's hard not to want to do them. i'll see where 2011 leads us.

finally, a big thank you goes out to all those who visit indie craft fairs and support local artists and handmade!

PS there was a mini shop update today! wristlets + michigan mittens gift tags

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