Tuesday, March 15, 2011

aqua deery wallet

yes, i am doing my first craft fair of the year (craft revival) in a month, and yes, i sewed a new wallet for myself! scandalous! i rarely sew bags for myself, so this was a nice treat.

i've had this adorable tiny deer printed fabric for about five years. i got 2 quilt squares of it from my mother after she cleaned out her old sewing cupboards. it's one of those tiny pieces of fabric that you like so much you're afraid to cut it, so i sat on it for a really long time!

last week there was a monthly craft meet-up at blue house ann arbor, and at midnight the night before i saw that fabric on my shelf and EUREKA! a plan was hatched. there wasn't enough fabric for pleats that fit, but i winged it. i'm happy with the final results.

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