Monday, July 04, 2011

happy 4th of july!

last night i attended a lovely display of fireworks. i haven't seen "real fireworks" since i saw them at disney world three years ago. they were great! i am still ever-enchanted with the grand finale, or as i called it as a child, the grand bananny. 
sure, i have two craft fairs in the next six weeks. but i took part of my off-work day today to make this bike bag for myself. i don't often make bags for myself. (crazy, right?) i bought this towel from fellow michigan crafter art goodies, with every intention of hanging it in my red kitchen. but as it sat there folded and pretty, it called to me.


Miss E said...

There were fantastic free fireworks in the park across the street from us - you could probably see (or at least hear) them from your house as well!

dang argyle said...

Yep, I heard them and saw a few.