Friday, July 29, 2011

vintage linens + maker faire detroit

i've been busy preparing for maker faire detroit by cutting up some lovely vintage linens and fabrics. boy, do i love me some vintage linens. they come in such great designs and allow for a limited run of items to be made from them. (which is both good and bad!) here's a sampler of some of the goodies i'll be bringing to maker faire detroit this weekend:
what's maker faire detroit? it's happening this weekend! it's a huge event that celebrates making and the DIY ethic and is happening at the henry ford museum in dearborn- which is such a great location considering it's a place of invention and innovation. this is the second year it's been in "detroit" and will be my first time attending. apparently this family-friendly interactive faire is better understood in person. in addition to gadgets, science, technology, exploding things, cars, robots, rockets, and other such makery, there will also be a craft area inside the museum. i'll be set up in handmade detroit's craft faire where folks will be selling handmade goods. there will be oodles of craft demos and other fun happening both days.  if you're attending, be sure to check out the program and map to see what's happening where. i'm looking forward to it! see you there!

now, back to sewing....


alwaystheforest said...

Vintage linens are one of my favorite types of fabric to use, and yours are awesome! Good luck at Maker Faire this weekend!

dang argyle said...

Thanks! Yay vintage fabric lovers!
The Faire was really fun.