Sunday, July 10, 2011

a crafter's kale confession

since september or so i've been quite enamored with kale. i eat it pretty much daily in some form, be it saladized, stir fried, sauteed, smoothied, etc. it's quite a versatile green, and packed with nutrients like a ton of vitamin A, vitamin K and vitamin C. it even has a bit of iron, calcium, and potassium, among other vitamins and minerals. i love the fact that there are so many different kinds of kale that are good a variety of ways, both cooked and raw.

i don't like to force my kale beliefs, or food beliefs for that matter, on folks. i just mention kale a lot, so people mention it back!

here are some of my favorite kale recipes as of late:

i make a variation on 101 cookbook's yin & yang salad with peanut-sesame dressing.

a friend brought the true recipe to a potluck and i about died and then made out with the salad! i generally mix whatever greens i have (kale & lettuce here), with carrots, turnips, and green onions. and toss with the fabulous peanut-sesame dressing. (peanut butter, maple syrup, ginger, cilantro, and sesame oil make for some magic. i can safely say i'm OBSESSED with this dressing.) i marinate the tofu, but i haven't baked it yet. i'm impatient, and it's hot out, so why use the oven for a salad.

i make it as the recipe states. the salted-massaged dinosaur kale really creates a nice flavor and adds a lovely texture to the kale. the simple dressing of honey, lemon juice and fresh ginger could not be a better topping for this medley.
i love making green smoothies to include more greens, and use up the MANY greens i get in my CSA share each week. this is a favorite that consists of kale, frozen pineapple and coconut milk. it's a tropical wave of freshness.
and finally, if one is to pimp kale as i do, no kale mission is complete without wearing an "only kale can save us now" t-shirt from herbivore.

in my yard i have curly kale and dinosaur kale growing. the growth has been stunted a bit due to the full on summer heat. and i believe it's chipmunks that have been dining on the dinosaur kale. d'oh! rabbits also love kale.

i've made A LOT of recipes using kale over the months including lasagna, kale chips, a few soups, stir fries, salads, wraps, etc. i can pretty much add it to most dishes as a kicker.

if you have any knock 'em dead kale recipes, send them my way!

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