Saturday, August 06, 2011

crafter cards for you

i was delighted to be given the complete family sewing book... a practical and enjoyable approach to fashion, from 1979. it was rescued from the recycling bin and handed to me "because i sew." this book is a true gem. it's 500 yellowing pages with pink and blue illustrations of sewing and craft supplies. the illustrations are great, and the words are almost just as great, so i decided to cut it up and create cards out of it. for the cards i used french paper, a michigan paper company. here's a peek of the few i've been making.
i'll have many crafter cards, and newly sewn bags and pouches for the upcoming DIYpsi. all the fun happens in ypsi next saturday, august 13. there will be 35 hip indie vendors selling some great handmade stuff. i hear there will also be some great vintage clothing set up outside! it's at woodruff's again, so the atmosphere is sure to be lively!

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