Friday, August 19, 2011

DIYpsi recap

i had a great time at DIYpsi last weekend at woodruff's bar in ypsilanti. there was something really relaxing about the whole thing. it was wonderfully organized by marcy, sherri and cre, which was apparent in every way. as always, i loved getting to see some of my favorite crafty peeps. as for the venue: how pretty are the colorful banners that were strewn throughout the place? it added some nice color to the warmth of the brick walls.
every vendor shared a table, which allowed for a larger sampling of artists in a small space. i shared a table with the always fabulous nicole of sloe gin fizz
while at the fair i treated myself to some wonderful earrings by vintage in retrospect. the artist creates treasures from vintage license plates! i look forward to getting more earrings by her. 

this was dang argyle's last show for a while! i have nothing coming up in the next few months, even though there are a bunch of art and craft fairs coming up.

in the meantime, i'll continue to update the etsy shop with some new goodies! check it out, much newness has arrived.

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