Wednesday, August 03, 2011

maker faire detroit recap

last weekend i had the honor and pleasure of participating in the 2nd maker faire detroit as part of handmade detroit's craft faire! maker faire is the midwest's largest DIY fair, celebrating making of all kinds, and it was amazing to see craft added to make. thank you to everyone who came out!

all weekend i was amazed at the juxtaposition of me at a craft fair in the henry ford museum, chilling next to the wienermobile, next to stormtroopers, next to henry ford's tractors, with etsy, many crafters, a needle arts zone, and live craft demos happening all day. all of this was going on while outside there was electronics and robotics in action with hackerspaces, a fire-breathing dragon, a fire-spitting little pony, a cupcake car, life size mousetrap game, experiments, and music... to say the least. it's hard to sum up! here are some of my favorite photos of the day.
day 1 we were set up in a long hallway inside the museum.
the dang table on day 1.
 day 2 the craft faire moved into the main part of the museum with the rest of the the fabulous craft stuff going on. great lakes garrison was also set up there with their stormtroopers! it was totally fun watching them all day.
the giant needles, yarn and embroidery hoop are part of the needle arts zone that was set up. people were instructing and learning how to knit, etc.
 etsy also had a booth there, featuring local teams. here we have whack-a-treasury in action.
on day 2 i had a few moments before we opened to venture outside finally, to see what the heck was going on. things were still and folks were setting up, but boy was there some neato stuff!

needless to say, it was quite a welcome overdose of crafting and making. as always, it was great to see my crafty buds and to meet new people and make new connections. 

for more photos (i took a lot!) check them out on our facebook page. the handmade gift guide also has some great write-ups on the event here and  here. and HD's own lish has a nifty blog post over at craft.

as for purchases, i made some trades for a great pair of copper earrings from sparklegarden, and a beautiful wrist cuff from courtney fischer jewelry

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