Monday, September 12, 2011

fried green tomatoes!

while growing up, eating friend green tomatoes was a staple in our house during the summer. i felt like we were the only ones who made them, as my friends thought it was typically weird of my family. when the movie fried green tomatoes came out in 1991, we pretty much felt like the movie was made for us. it's a fine film, which of course features plenty of friend green tomato making at the whistle stop cafe!
i've been getting plenty of red tomatoes from folks i know and from my CSA share, so i've been plucking the tomatoes from my own yard while they're still green. there are plenty of recipes for making them. mine is a simple, yet tasty version that we made when i was young.
slice up the tomatoes as thick or thin as you'd like. i like them a little thinner so they get crispy faster. if they're a little thicker you can taste the tomato more. both ways are good. once sliced i coat them in a mixture of flour, salt and pepper. yes, that's it.
fry them in a bit of olive oil or vegetable oil, turning over once the first side has browned up. usually 5-7 mins on each side, depending on heat level.
when browned up to your liking, place them on a plate covered with paper towel, to absorb some of the oil. then plate, salt and eat! they're also good with butter on them - which is of course what we did growing up. we still make them at our summery family get-togethers, as we're all still happily hooked on the greens. (even my non-vegetable eating father.)

this is just the way my family made them. there are plenty of other recipes that use different ingredients for the batter. such as cornmeal, bread crumbs, milk, egg, panko, etc. if you have a favorite way to batter veggies, it would work for these. you can also deep fry them in an electric skillet with more oil. you might also wish to experiment with different dipping sauces to jazz them up a bit. or perhaps slap them on a sandwich for a special treat!

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