Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIYpsi recap

last weekend was our final craft fair of the year... DIYpsi at corner brewery in ypsilanti. what a fun show! after scrambling all week to restock the dang goods to have plenty of new goodies at the show, the show was somewhat low key and a super good time. it was great neighboring with heather of bettula, nicole of sloe gin fizz, and courtney of nests. the weekend was a wonderful end to a great crafty year! the last show of the year is always bittersweet, but i'll take it- as there's christmas stuff to prepare for.

there was a fabulous group of 35 local vendors, filling the place with handmade goods and christmas cheer. 

i was SUPER excited that my local favorites, the lunch room, was selling their delicious vegan food there. i consumed many spring rolls, corn chowder, cookies, and hot chocolate over the course of the weekend! 


a bunch of new goods have been added to the dang shop! check 'em out for that last minute gift.

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