Tuesday, June 05, 2012

books: a year of mornings

not exactly a new book, a year of mornings: 3191 miles apart is a photographic collaboration by maria alexandra vettese and stephanie congdon barnes. one living in portland, maine, and the other in portland, oregon, the two friends met online via their own blogs. eventually they realized that a collaboration between them was inevitable and thus mornings was born. the book features a collection of images photographed by the two women. each photographed an image from their morning and posted it online. the end result was put into book format, and includes notes about the project. it also includes a few of the comments that people left on the original blog as the photos were posted.
it's an interesting look at how the minutiae in life can contain such beauty, and it's wonderful to the compare the work of the two women, who obviously share a sense of style. i was tickled to stumble upon the book at my library, as i love to see what kinds of collaborations are born among the creative. i was happy to hear that the project still exists in some formats and that other collections have been put together. a year of sundays is currently happening, and you should have a peek.

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Miss E said...

I really love this project.

I also really love that the Blogger comment validation form asks me to prove that I'm not a robot. Of all people, I think you'd welcome comments from robots!

PS Mr P is safe and sound in my library, plotting his adventures. He might play the theremin tomorrow!