Monday, December 10, 2012

DIYpsi craft fair recap!

this past weekend at DIYpsi was amazing! i had such a great time, i was sad to see it all end. the corner brewery was packed all weekend with the most loveliest of shoppers and the air was filled with such a magical vibe. it was fantastic to see so many enthusiastic shoppers, and to have so many friends stop by! i had fun hanging out with my neighbors jason giber and oh so betty, eating delicious vegan food, and shopping. i bought some top secret gifts for people, and traded for some cute stuff for myself. gotta treat yo self at these events! thank you so much to marcy, sherri, and cre for putting on another great DIYpsi. i'm so glad this show exists!

and so ends the 2012 craft fair circuit for d'argyle! life's been a whirlwind the past few months preparing for DUCF and DIYpsi. now's the time to work on special orders, and i'm going to try and update the shop with a few new things as well.

thanks again to all those who shop at these local craft fairs. the artists work so hard to bring the best to these shows, and it's wonderful when their hard work finds happy homes.

here's betty picking out some cards to trade for a new coffee cup muff.

both days there was a line outside waiting to get in. probably for the top notch screen printed swag bags that went to the first 50 guests each day.

i've been making these mini librobot cards for my fall and winter shows this year. quite fun! people enjoy picking out which dates to get stamped on their card. and i love the teaching opportunity that arises when kids ask, "what's that?"

the lunch room was selling food at corner all weekend, and due to the fact that they make the best vegan food around, i was in heaven. i totally overdosed on mochas and loaded nachos. (hello new coffee mug cozy!) the owners, phillis and joel, are the best and i can't wait until they open a restaurant.

 this lil ugly santa was chillin' throughout the show. he was jazzed with this new wooden file box.

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