Wednesday, December 19, 2012

telecrafting / the wire

i pretty much cannot sew without  a TV show playing on the TV that is very near my sewing machine. namely TV shows that i've seen several times. we call this act #telecrafting. defintion: crafting while watching something on the TV. i've probably watched the wire the most while crafting, and i sure watched it like crazy during prep for this season's craft fairs.

while browsing for some goodies on etsy today i came across these cross stitched beauties made by watty's wall stuff. the wire is filled with memorable characters, and omar and the bunk are some of the finest.

bunk is the man.
omar comin'
photos by alicia watkins / watty's wall stuff

evidence from a few weeks ago. proximity!

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Alicia Watkins said...

Nice! I love me some Lt/Mjr Daniels... any further quotes or characters you think would be awesome, I'd love to add 'em to my shop/collection. :D