Tuesday, December 10, 2013

DUCF wrap-up

another detroit urban craft fair has come and gone, and again i'm at a loss for words. this year was the 8th year for the event, and there was record breaking attendance- over 4500 shoppers were there! that is amazing. several vendors were selling out of things, aisles were packed with people, and so many smiles and high-fives were given among everyone there. the masonic temple is the perfect backdrop for this event. DUCF is truly a magical experience and i am humbled and proud and thankful that little old dang argyle was able to participate in michigan's largest indie craft fair. i always tear up a few times during the weekend. sigh.

thank you so much to the wonderful ladies at handmade detroit for putting on yet another amazing craft fair! these gals know the score! thank you so much to all the rad shoppers, and thank you michigan for having such a fabulous craft community. i've been making and participating in shows since 2006 and i'm still in awe at how super everyone is. my heart is filled will joy and and i'm so happy to be a part of it all.

i sadly took only a few crappy photos, but anne at indie lovely took a billion nice photos! so here are a few of hers that capture the day:

photo by anne hayman / indie lovely
photo by anne hayman / indie lovely
yes, that's a craft-a-way camp shirt you see! on day two of DUCF ten of the campers that were also vendors wore our shirts- it was so fun! and great when folks asked what it was and how they could participate.

next up: DIYpsi indie art fair in ypsilanti on december 14-15. 40 vendors will be selling the finest in handmade wares for this holiday season. tis the season to shop local and buy handmade! it's nearly everyone's last show of the season and it's always a blast!

see you there!

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