Thursday, January 02, 2014

fiftyfiftyme fail

so.... in 2013 i (actually BOTH dang gals) decided to embark on the fiftyfiftyme challenge, in which i would read 50 books and watch 50 movies that were new to me. the movie part was no problem, but i choked on the book part, and i am not at all surprised! things got crazy busy the last half of the year and i wasn't consuming much of anything! here are my final stats for 2013 and coco's final stats for 2013.

i have decided not to pressure myself with numbers for consumption of media in 2014. i have set a goal to read more this year though, so that's good. i've read a ton so far this year, so i'm off to a good start.



coco said...

My final stats are pitiful. I forgot to update, though I doubt I made it to 50 for either category!

Anonymous said...

I went through something similar. The self-imposed media pressure was too much to handle. This year I'm trying to read some of the big deal books that I've missed out on instead.