Tuesday, February 18, 2014

grilled cheezes to melt your brain

i've been super into finding creative and tasty ways to jazz up grilled cheeze to go with all the wintry soups i've been making. yes, i spelled it with a Z because i use vegan cheeses.

recently buzzfeed posted a "31 grilled cheeses that are better than a boyfriend" article and i was majorly inspired.
first up was brussells spouts, which i've been way into lately. 

i sauteed some shallots with a little sugar to brown them up, then added the brussells sprouts and salted and sauteed until a rich brown. i then used multi-grain bread with earth balance and two slices of daiya cheddar, sandwiching the sprouts and shallots between the two slices of cheese. grilled like normal. and voila -- deliciousness. 
last night's adventure was a "we're super hungry now what's in the fridge that's fast." which lead to grabbing mushrooms and field roast smoked apple sage veggie sausages. i sauteed up the mushrooms and sausage, which were sliced thin and lengthwise. then sandwiched it between two layers of daiya swiss cheese on wheat bread with earth balance. the swiss with these items was perfect. it was the kind of sandwich i wanted to spend the night with. i felt a tad less guilty eating it with a side of kale.

so far, that's what we've done, and i'm looking forward to making more grilled cheezes with other fun things. last night i was thinking apples! and on another i'd do pickled green tomatoes.

what are your favorite things to put on grilled cheese sandwiches?!


Cortney said...

I like the idea of using brussel sprouts on grilled cheeze! We bake brussels to a crisp in our oven once a week. Sometimes we eat them plain with salt, or mix into a mushroom nooch sauce pasta. Yum.

Anonymous said...

I want to eat that top picture NOW