Monday, February 10, 2014

the big winter

living in michigan means you get a pretty decent winter. this year things have gone a bit differently and we've had the most real winter that i can ever remember. the kind of winter where i wear my snow boots all day every day. we've had record breaking snowfalls, low temperatures and wind chills. it's been crazy and at this point in february i'm already sick of it! and i like the winter! i would just like to drive my rear wheel drive vehicle on icy roads without sliding all over the place. but when it's gone... i'll sure miss the boy's wood burning stove.

but on a lighter note; winter sure is pretty. snow covered trees are so majestic and wonderful i just can't help but stare and dream. i can also continue to dream about the southern beach i'll be sitting on at the end of april -- trip is booked!

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