Monday, March 17, 2014

drink your books

lately i've been plotting about making nice cocktails and sipping them by the fire in front of the wood stove. after this long winter i'm ready to move the fire outside and sit on the deck with a summer chiller. i've been slowly trying to beef up the home bar at the boy's house with delicious ingredients and pretty tools. i have been collecting simple cocktail recipes with basic ingredients to start with. i recently came across a list of 25 Brilliant and Literary-Inspired Mixed Drinks which sound amazing! and well, it's books! i've also been enjoying checking out the cocktail recipes over at putney farm.
we recently thrifted these two great mid-century drink shakers to get things going. how cute are they? i love them! what are some of your favorite cocktails!? what's your favorite "must have" item for the home bar?


cortney e said...

What's YOUR favorite cocktail? I haven't tried too many different cocktails, but last year when we went to DC YJ took me to a fancy restaurant for my birthday dinner. We had the yummiest cocktails ever! Topped with dark chocolate shavings....Mmmmm.

dang argyle said...

You haven't tried many cocktails? Oh man. We need to fix this. I have a cute new book with some great inspiration. And my OWN home bar with many fixins waiting for you sip with me. :)