Tuesday, March 25, 2014

marche du nain rouge

this past sunday in detroit was the marche du nain rouge! you don't go to watch the parade, you go to BE the parade. costumed folks gathered at cass and canfield with a hope for better things for detroit's future, celebrating "happiness, success and freedom from the antagonism of the nain in the new year." they march to banish the nain from detroit so that goodness may shine. of course the nain shows up and is up to his old tricks! 

it's a super fun event and i was glad to go this year. it was chilly but the sun was out and much merriment surrounded the area as thousands marched through detroit's streets. i LOVE these kinds of events-- artistic, crazy, imaginative and full of participation from citizens. this has me SUPER excited the ann arbor's upcoming foolmoon and festifools events, for which i purchased 2 yards of silver pleather to make a skirt for. we'll see...
the marche concluded on the footsteps of the beautiful masonic temple, and was followed by an afterparty in one of grand ballrooms filled with red lights, a DJ, dancing, and drinks. it was a great event that made an amazing weekend even more special.

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cortney e said...

Looks like fun!