Tuesday, March 11, 2014

the design of film: grand budapest style

this month marks the release of the latest wes anderson film the grand budapest hotel. being a wes anderson film it will be a visual treat that i'm so looking forward to! a fabulous article came across my internet path today that features an interview with the film's lead graphic designer annie atkins. she discusses all the thought and design work that went into creating all the print material props that are in the film. the materials had to inhabit a make-believe country so they are all from scratch. she worked closely with anderson to achieve the authenticity and look they were going for. i know when i watch the film i'll be keeping an eye out for these amazing pieces of art!  


Cortney said...

I'll be really sad if I don't get to see this at the movie theater!!

dang argyle said...

oh man. it comes out in town on march 28.
maybe you can see it in madison?!

Cortney said...

I wish! Too bad it's probably not age appropriate for a toddler. :)