Thursday, April 03, 2014

silver circle

they say a circle skirt is the easiest thing to sew. really? it was easy, but i still couldn't get the right size circle for my waist. i combined a few online tutorials i found. this is the first skirt i've sewn that is not terrible. i mean, it turned out kind of great and i can't wait to wear it. it's a full circle skirt made of silver pleather! which means no hemming or finishing seams, but it does have a full length exposed zipper closure in the back. 

i made this for the upcoming festifools event that parades down main st. in ann arbor this weekend. i am SO EXCITED for this event! the skirt is part of a robot costume i made, because there will be a ROBOT INVASION of festifools, and i'm happy to be a robot ringleader. yep! i'll let you know how it goes.

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sloeginfizz said...

dang, you're awesome.