Saturday, July 05, 2014

2nd annual craft-a-way camp!

last weekend was another fabulous weekend at craft camp! it was the 2nd annual craft-a-way camp, held at the waterloo recereation area, and lovingly hosted by the wonderful amy and ethan cronkite of small craft. these two had the vision of creating a crafty camper space in the beautiful michigan outdoors, and it all came together in perfect magicness last year. could it be repeated? reproduced? well, it pretty much was. it was a weekend of crafting, laughing, hiking, and shenanigans -- totally amazing! i had a blast hanging out with some of my favorite crafty friends and meeting new ones. i can't wait for the next one!

the weekend was chock full of a variety of hands-on workshops taught by area crafters.
  • michigan trees hike lead by andy sell of the foraging florist. we went on a walk through the surrounding areas taking note of the variety of plant and tree species in the area, focusing on identification. andy excels at this! i'm so glad he is a part of this because i don't know who else could do such a bang up job! 
  • printing with plant pigments lead by andy sell of the foraging florist. we used flowers and leaves to create pigment prints by pounding the flowers onto watercolor paper. we had such great results!
  • fun with image transfer lead by karen lepage of one girl circus, etc. we did two methods that transferred laser photocopied photographs. one involved using packing tape creating transfers to be applied later. the other involved using gel medium to transfer images onto wood coasters.  
  • camper tote screen printing lead by karen lepage of one girl circus, etc. (big nod to marcy davy who set up the workshop but couldn't attend!) we screen printed the craft-a-way camp logo onto linen bags.
  • dear diary lead by amy cronkite. we used a variety of paper to create a bound journal, complete with washi tape and stamped letters. 
  • dream on lead by amy cronkite. we used vintage doilies, yarn and embroidery hoops to make the prettiest dream catchers you've ever seen. i've been having the weirdest dreams since hanging it over my bed... 
  • no tee left behind lead by val willer of make-out goods. we ripped old t-shirts into strips and made necklaces, bracelets and scarves. 
  • tie or dye lead by ethan cronkite. after an in-depth and fabulous introduction of the history of tie-dye by ethan, we tie-dyed our own shirts in a variety of patterns. 
and if that wasn't enough crafting... we wrapped and painted sticks during downtime. pretty much all the time. it's addicting -- i wrapped so many sticks! and once home i turned them into a lovely vase arrangement.

there was a vegan potluck, crafty craft cocktails, a campfire sing-a-long, sparklers, s'mores making, a thunderstorm, many mosquitoes, a smelly vault toilet, excellent swag, and SO MUCH crafting and laughing.
introductions after arrival. i taught the group the BOOM CHICKA BOOM chant often heard at camps.

andy leading our nature walk and being his all-around fabulous self.

if i had a hammer, i'd hammer in the evening. 
i'd hammer on flowers! all over this land! 
the scrunchy face is because it is very loud when you have 20 people beating up flowers.

working hard on image transfers under our MEGA craft tent(s).

there was a brief storm, so we moved the dream catchers workshop indoors to one of our giant triple bunk cabins.

see, i told you they were beautiful. can you guess which one is mine?

in craft-a-way camp tradition... stephanie brought instruments and her guitar to help guide us through our sing-a-long around the campfire.

ethan made a guide with a few songs, including yellow submarine and this is how we do it. it was amazingly fun and funny. i like how random 90s jams are camp tradition now.

after singing and s'mores, andy busted out the sparklers! imagine 20 adults running around dancing and spelling with sparklers. YEP. i was instantly 7yrs old again.

on day 2 we had a ton more fun in our workshops. here karen is leading our screen printing workshop.

while sticks got wrapped with yarn, our tasty beverages got wrapped in the COOLEST beer cozy!
(happy to report, that while we crafted our hearts away, no one puked.)

and of course on the final day we got a group photo. here we are minus 5 folks who had already left. 

it's a few days later and i'm STILL thinking fondly of camp, but not missing those vault toilets. thank heaven for incense!

i send giant thanks and hugs to amy and ethan and their giant crafty community loving hearts. 

* all photos are by amy cronkite, except the beer cozy photo

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