Wednesday, November 12, 2014

handmade marketplace

this is the 2014 second edition of kari chapin's the handmade marketplace. (the first edition was published in 2010 and this new edition is a great update.) the book is an amazing resource for anyone embarking on a new craft business or wanting to beef up their current one. the book discusses everything you want to know and learn about running your own crafty business.

it talks about branding and logos, how to pick the right name, how/when/where to market via blogs, websites, social media, etc., how to set up a blog or website, taxes, the deal with wholesale and brick & mortar stores, how to get into craft fairs, and more. i really like that the book isn't all about "just make stuff and create an etsy shop." it is really insightful and laid out beautifully.

the book is in a wonderfully easy-to-follow format and is chock full of useful information. even if you think you have it all together, it's nice to get some feedback to make sure you're on point and doing what you can to craft a great business! i know that next up for dang argyle after the holiday craft fair rush is to ditch our out-of-date website and create a new logo! both are much needed and will really add some freshness to our 9 year old business!

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Anna said...

Ow, looks like a good read! Think they have a section 'now that you have a newborn, here's what to do?'. No surprise, I applied to only 1 holiday show (that's one day) and otherwise have my stuff in retail at the Lansing Art Gallery.