Tuesday, December 16, 2014

DIYpsi recap

this past weekend was the 5th annual DIYpsi indie art fair holiday version -- and holy smokes, what a show! it was at a new venue this year, the riverside arts center in ypsi, and it worked out really well!

i spent the week between DUCF and DIYpsi sewing like a mad woman, and it was not for naught. you all cleaned me out! the show was hopping all weekend and i had a blast chillin' upstairs with sloe gin fizz, alisa bobzien design and the detroit grooming company. i loved relaxing at the well attended after-party, and the fun after-after-party. it's so wonderful to hang out with this close knit group of fabulous makers. i'm forever grateful for all that i have gained in creating this little handmade business known as dang argyle, and the people are a huge part of that. DIYpsi is often the last show of the year for many artists, so there is an extra special vibe of happy relief and thinking - oh yeah, christmas is almost here, where's my tree at and what handmade gifts am i giving everyone?

some of my small relations visited the fair, and my 7 year old niece collected business cards at the show, like kids like to do. she made a collage of them and included some comments and showed it at school for show n' tell. isn't that the coolest?! she is full of sunshine and magic, that girl.

i want to thank you all for a wonderful season, and i look forward to seeing what 2015 brings.


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