Thursday, April 09, 2015

air plants: the curious world of tillandsias

i saw this book at the library and couldn't resist picking it up -- it's beautiful! and all about those quirky looking little plants known as air plants.

air plants: the curious world of tillandsias by zenaida sengo talks all about designing and living with these odd and beautiful plants. the book discusses different types of air plants, how to care for them, and how to arrange and display them in magical ways throughout your house. these plants are so versatile, and pretty easy to care for.

i've had a few in my house -- i think i got them all from andy over at the foraging florist, and they've been small ones that sadly, eventually died on my watch. i hope you have more of a green thumb than me and my dark, low-light house! because these plants are amazing. 


Cortney said...

i love air plants, but haven't tried to cultivate any. don't they need to be sprayed daily? or, no?

dang argyle said...

I would soak mine in water for 10 mins once a week. That worked until I kept forgetting to water it.