Wednesday, May 06, 2015

björk & the moma

last week i was able to visit the museum of modern art in new york for the first time, and i was taken aback with all the wonderful art! the space is amazing and going from room to room seeing such amazing art was killing me! so, so good. and then i walked into the björk exhibit. sigh. i've read mixed reviews of the exhibit, and all i can say is that i really enjoyed it and the experience it allowed. i haven't listened to björk's music in a while so it was nice to be thrown back into her strange little world.

there was a room that was playing a loop of a variety of her music videos, as well as another room that showed the ten minute film black lake. my favorite part of the exhbition was the songlines portion which featured costumes and memorabilia set up chronologically where you walk through while listening to a set track that leads you from room to room. music, words, abstract that allows you to experience what you are seeing around you. so cool! i definitely need to go back to the MOMA and explore more.

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