Sunday, August 24, 2014

DIYpsi recap!

corner brewery in ypsilanti set the scene for another great DIYpsi indie art fair! this was the first time the show was at corner for a summer show, and they expanded it outside to the back beer garden where they had had feral foods CSA selling produce and folks doing henna tattoos. they also shut down norris street to fit in a 2nd beer garden, food vendors, a stage for live music, couches, and more artists! 

DIYpsi was dang argyle's first show for 2014. this was also my first summer show in three years and i nearly forgot how much fun they are! i had a blast with my amazing fellow vendors, and enjoyed vegan brats, vegan ice cream and a few hard ciders. thank you so much to everyone who came out to the show, and thanks to all things grow, tin angry men, and the library lab for organizing a great show! 
yarn bombs courtesy of yourfriendlyneighborhoodyarnbomber
diypsi quilt. say no more.
cheers card from sloe gin fizz w/ a side of northville cider
oh! it's the dang table. 
i bought a steve zissou a print from arthur's plaid pants, a beautiful necklace from the library lab, buttons from barrel of monkeys, (the above) card from sloe gin fizz, DIypsi poster from warpaint studio, yummy soaps from cellar door, and a top secret gift that i can't even mention!

Friday, August 15, 2014

new summer things

i can't believe it's already august! this means DIYpsi indie art fair is coming up in just ONE WEEK! the dang sweatshop has been working overtime sewing up new lovelies for this summer show. i've been enjoying using some of these japanese fabrics. it's been a few years since i've done a summer show, so i'm happy to be back in the game. this show is going to be such a fun time!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

making terrariums with twig

last weekend i had the pleasure of attending a terrarium building workshop with the awesome ladies of twig terrariums, straight out of brooklyn, NY. they hosted a free workshop at the ann arbor district library, and of course i had to go. it was great! the ladies gave a little history on terrariums and showed us how to build our own. i used three different types of moss and gave it a hill effect. with our supplies came a teeny tiny figure to sit inside the terrarium. i received a tiny little man in a white suit. is it david byrne? perhaps. or it might just be a guy named steve saying "hey baby."

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

sewing machine hysteria

on a recent trip to chicago i happened upon some sewing machines in the window of allsaints, a clothing store. i marvelled. then walked past the door and saw this GIANT wall of sewing machines in the entrance-way to the shop. holy moly! it was a sight to see. i LOVE it when i happen upon such magical things without looking.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

find us at DIYpsi in august!

i'm so excited that dang argyle will be a vendor at the summer DIYpsi indie art fair!
august 23-24 at the awesome corner brewery in ypsi. 
two days full of awesome crafts and craft beer! 
keep your eyes out to catch the vendor list when it's revealed.

aaah! i can't wait. 
i have so many new things to make for you! 

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

book it: biblio craft

BIBLIO craft is a great new book with great ideas inspired by one of my favorite places... the library! this book is a modern crafter's guide to using library resources to jumpstart creative projects.

the book starts out with basic with information about libraries - including card catalogs, call numbers, subject areas, and ephemera. it also gives resources on how to get connected with your local library in order to take advantage of all it has to offer. the book is amazing before the project instructions even begin! the projects featured involve many areas of craft and are by some well known crafters and designers.

in addition to checking out this book, i HIGHLY recommend checking out the craft books at your local library. you'd be surprised at all the magic you'll find! sometimes you want to check out a book to see the design before you actually purchase it, and libraries are a great way to do that. and you never know, you might just happen upon a great cookbook on the way to the craft book section!

Monday, July 07, 2014

wooly woods crafting with anna hrachovec

photo by
wooly woods is a beautiful installation by anna hrachovec in berlin last year. her knitted characters and yarn wrapped sticks are so beautiful! i've been super into wrapping sticks lately (thanks to craft-a-way camp), so i was elated to happen upon this work. i'm familiar with her work thanks to her cute and tiny mochimochi land knit creations and the great how-to books by hrachovec on how to make them.
photo by
i'm also excited that she is coming from chicago to teach a workshop on tiny creatures and stick wrapping at the ann arbor district library on july 12! yes, that's right, a free workshop from a stellar maker.
photo by
just look how amazing those sticks are! [swoon] i'd love a room adorned with such sweetness and color.