Thursday, February 26, 2015

spring flowers

i recently flipped through this new-to-me book and oh does it have me dreaming of spring! the flower recipe book is written by alethea harampolis and jill rizzo of studio choo, so you know it's lovely. (you need to check out their site!) the book features beautiful images of floral arrangements with instructions on how to put together something similar yourself. the image are stunning, and it's truly an inspiration that makes me think "hey, i can do something like that." 

at craft-a-way camp in 2013 andy sell of the foraging florist lead a workshop on floral arranging after we foraged for found foliage. i remember being surprised at what i actually created! the folks who attended camp did an amazing job arranging what they collected and using floral frogs to keep things in check. 

i am so looking forward to fresh flower season and warm sunshine!    

Monday, December 29, 2014

dang shop update!

the dang etsy shop is updated with some new wristlets and pouches! have a peek at what's been new around here.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

DIYpsi recap

this past weekend was the 5th annual DIYpsi indie art fair holiday version -- and holy smokes, what a show! it was at a new venue this year, the riverside arts center in ypsi, and it worked out really well!

i spent the week between DUCF and DIYpsi sewing like a mad woman, and it was not for naught. you all cleaned me out! the show was hopping all weekend and i had a blast chillin' upstairs with sloe gin fizz, alisa bobzien design and the detroit grooming company. i loved relaxing at the well attended after-party, and the fun after-after-party. it's so wonderful to hang out with this close knit group of fabulous makers. i'm forever grateful for all that i have gained in creating this little handmade business known as dang argyle, and the people are a huge part of that. DIYpsi is often the last show of the year for many artists, so there is an extra special vibe of happy relief and thinking - oh yeah, christmas is almost here, where's my tree at and what handmade gifts am i giving everyone?

some of my small relations visited the fair, and my 7 year old niece collected business cards at the show, like kids like to do. she made a collage of them and included some comments and showed it at school for show n' tell. isn't that the coolest?! she is full of sunshine and magic, that girl.

i want to thank you all for a wonderful season, and i look forward to seeing what 2015 brings.


Monday, December 15, 2014

detroit urban craft fair recap!

sigh. well, the 9th annual detroit urban craft fair came and went. 8,000 shoppers came through the beautiful masonic temple in detroit. 8,000! up from last year's 5,000. that's amazing!!! it is simply wonderful to think of all that DUCF and handmade detroit has done for this crafty community over the past decade. this show is the largest and longest-running indie craft fair in michigan. the firsts DUCF in 2006 was the first show dang argyle ever did, and i remember it like it was yesterday. so i sit here today, after the gangbusters amazing sell-out DUCF #9 and my heart just wants to explode. how did we get here? and where are we going?

awesome things: dancing in the aisles and behind the tables thanks to the rad jams by DJ dave lawson, the vegan food and chocolate shakes from shimmy shack, the beautiful amazing giant masonic temple, the super volunteers who took care of us, amazing table neighbors, friends who visited, the wacky class photo by doug coombe, and SO much more. how did we fit such magic into two days in detroit?

leading up to this show... sewing a ton of stuff, drinking too much coffee, surrounded by a messy house, watching lots of the wire, eating chinese food, making up songs about sewing to the tune of baby got back... well, doing all that as DUCF gets closer, the emotions swell up in anticipation of the giant crafty reunion that is DUCF and i tear up way to many times. this community of artists (and shoppers, too!) bowls me over every year and i am so humbled and happy to be a part of it. thank you!!


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

handmade marketplace

this is the 2014 second edition of kari chapin's the handmade marketplace. (the first edition was published in 2010 and this new edition is a great update.) the book is an amazing resource for anyone embarking on a new craft business or wanting to beef up their current one. the book discusses everything you want to know and learn about running your own crafty business.

it talks about branding and logos, how to pick the right name, how/when/where to market via blogs, websites, social media, etc., how to set up a blog or website, taxes, the deal with wholesale and brick & mortar stores, how to get into craft fairs, and more. i really like that the book isn't all about "just make stuff and create an etsy shop." it is really insightful and laid out beautifully.

the book is in a wonderfully easy-to-follow format and is chock full of useful information. even if you think you have it all together, it's nice to get some feedback to make sure you're on point and doing what you can to craft a great business! i know that next up for dang argyle after the holiday craft fair rush is to ditch our out-of-date website and create a new logo! both are much needed and will really add some freshness to our 9 year old business!

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

dang holiday shows

you'll find dang argyle at detroit urban craft fair and DIYpsi this december! i am super excited to be among such other wonderful artists. be sure to have these shows on your crafty shoppin' spree tour!
poster designed by the talented kristen drozdowski of worthwhile paper and warpaint studio. 

 poster designed by the hilarious and awesome jason driscoll of kill taupe.

for a list of other shows in michigan and ohio, check out this little list i compiled! 
lots of shows! lots of amazing artists! 

time to make all the things...