Friday, August 21, 2015

we are ten!

dang argyle is 10 years old!

yeah, i like birthdays. so in july we celebrate the birthday of our etsy shop, which just turned 9, and in august we celebrate the birth of dang argyle! 

it seems like just yesterday cortney and i were scheming up what this whole thing would be. but low and behold it was 10 summers ago that we sat in a park with a notebook jotting down wild plans. we hatched a plan and i started sewing up a storm while she spent a few months in china. when she came back we were busy, busy, busy sewing and becoming dang argyle!

with that in mind... it's time for some new energy. as far as the shop goes, we are making way for new things...and everything is on sale in the dang argyle shop! snag those gifts early!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

summer adventures

i recently went on a trip to michigan's upper peninsula, and it was so majestic and fun! first we toured the tahquamenon falls state park and then headed over to mackinac island. we packed a lot into three days!

the lower tahquamenon falls were amazing! so much beautiful land to absorb and get lost in. 

 the upper tahquamenon were also quite awesome. they were giant!

when driving around roads in tiny half-abandoned areas in towns like paradise, michigan, i like to make pit stops and see what's there.
 we stopped to check out the sunset on whitefish bay and happened upon a ton of milkweed! and it was covered in monarch caterpillars! i was so excited and totally freaking out -- the monarch life cycle is one of my faves, and i was so glad to see so many going through the process.

then it was off to mackinac island via st. ignace! oh man! SO beautiful. we biked the eight miles around the perimeter of the island and the view pretty much looked like this the entire time.

and sometimes the view looked like this. sigh. this was the view from arch rock. 

i can't wait to get back to the UP and explore some more. michigan is such a fantastic state to travel in, particularly in the summer, with so many great lakes to trample through. summer, summer, please stay and play.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

dang blocks

i've been working on a lot of block printing lately! i've got some new plans up my sleeve for d'argyle and i can't wait for them to take flight.

Monday, July 13, 2015

more time in NYC

this past week i spent some time in new jersey and lots of time in manhattan - my 3rd time traveling out there this year! i traveled with a crew of 18! one of our many stops was liberty island to see the statue of liberty, and it was really cool! my first time seeing it. i really liked ferry ride and the unique views of the city.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

let's get cookin'

this past christmas i received three cookbooks and halfway through the year they are still the three i go to when i am looking for something new to make! i've enjoyed what i've made from these books, and there are many quaility recipes to choose from. i highly recommend these titles!

Friday, July 03, 2015

craft-a-way camp 2015

last weekend was the 3rd annual craft-a-way camp and it was another fabulous year! craft-a-way camp is the brainchild of amy and ethan of small craft and they do a tremendous job of pulling this whole thing off. this year we had a full day of rain the first day and they quickly adapted and set up the workshops in our cabin. that same night the sky cleared and was followed by the most fabulous sunset. this made way for our annual sing-along campfire featuring 90s tunes, small instruments, and vegan s'mores! add in running around a field with sparklers and you've got the perfect summer night.

during our two straight days of crafting we attended workshops taught by amy cronkite, ethan cronkite, marcy davy, courtney fischer, and val willer. at the workshops we made stud earrings, made lanyards (out of gimp?!),  made macrame plant holders, did some weaving using things found in nature, dyed scarves with indigo, and screen printed banners. that's a lot of awesome crafting! there was barely any downtime as we found ourselves making lanyards and wrapping sticks with yarn when we weren't at workshops. there was some serious crafting going on! we also went on a beautiful hike with ethan leading the way teaching us about the surrounding natural area.

it was wonderful to spend two full days relaxing, screen-free in the woods creating with such a super group of people. we had a good mix of returning campers and new campers and we seriously laughed and had fun the entire time. craft-a-way camp holds a certain magic to it and it's hard to put into words. all i know is that i'm still in craft camp hangover bliss mode and i can't wait to do it again next year!
*all photos by amy cronkite / small craft 

be sure to read small craft's write-up and view the full photo gallery

Thursday, July 02, 2015

rad american women A-Z

written by kate schatz and illustrated by miriam klein stahl, rad american women shares the stories of 26 women who made a big impact on our nation. every single one of them changed america in some way. alphabetically, the book features billie jean king, patti smith, zora neale hurston, and more. and you can download images from the book! this book is fabulous and would make a great addition to your book collection.