Friday, August 03, 2018

summer shows!

find dang argyle at DIYpsi in a few weeks with a bunch of new goods! woohoo! this show is always a blast, and i can't wait!

Friday, June 29, 2018


oh yeah! another year of a supremely wonderful time at the annual craft-a-way camp. i am so super grateful to have fallen into this group of fabulous humans.
this year again featured a great line-up of workshops. i taught a jewelry workshop where we made tiny twig wrapped necklaces. i love the one i made and it was great to see what the campers came up with. i will for sure be making more of them. we also had workshops featuring: block printing, peg board cross-stitch, watercolor painting, basket embellishment, and felt pinecones.

each summer we gather in the woods to get away from it all, put down the phones and sign off social media to get closer to one another and the nature around us. we have a forever camp bond that is utterly magical and wonderful. sincere looks and secret handshakes. high-fives and hoorays for stellar craft skills. vegan potlucks and campfire sing-a-longs. it's hard to capture in words or images, because it's a feeling that jolts into your veins and goes straight to your heart.
crafting by day
crafting by night
we did a lot of crafting
vegan potluck time! 
block printing in the great out doors! shut up. 
yeah, we're happy campers. 
i can't wait to do it all again next year! a huge thank you goes to amy and ethan of small craft and craft-a-way camp for being awesome and gathering us in this crafty revolution.

*all images courtesy of craft-a-way camp

Thursday, May 17, 2018

no sleep til bowie

a few weeks ago i voyaged to brooklyn to visit the david bowie is exhibition at the brooklyn museum, and i was completely blown away! i've been to new york more times than i can count, but it was my first time in brooklyn, and not just walking the brooklyn bridge. we went for bowie. we saw bowie. we died a bit. we did nothing else in the museum except for this and it took us three hours to see it all. it was very overwhelming and wonderful. i loved brooklyn and would definitely visit again. 
it was a beautiful museum all over
no photos in the exhibit. on the other side of that orange wall was three house of MAGIC.
don't even call it art
of course i HAD to find some biggie murals. so cool!
hello cuteness! we ate delicious food in the backyard garden here.
fist pumps for pom-poms! this made me think of my craft camp family.
we ate our way through brooklyn, and it was no problem find vegan food, but this place was the highlight!
even found a scully AND a mulder sandwich! of course i had the vegan scully, and it was great!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

midwest craft con!

the weekend of february 15-17 i attended my first midwest craft con and i was completely blown away! set in columbus ohio again, this was the third year for the con, and i've debated each year whether to go or not. this year i was invited to go and  help my friends at craft-a-way camp with their hands-on learning sessions and help promote camp and i immediately said YES! it was a seriously magical weekend. over 200 crafters were there, and the word is that it was the best con yet! here is there sweet little wrap-up.

amy, katie and i set up the camp tent with all the pom poms and camp relics we could, and it really did look and feel just like camp. with camp vibes pouring through the yarn, fellow campers who were present that weekend would pop in to check-in and recharge in our little camp away from home. it was really nice to share camp with others who knew nothing of it - perhaps we'll see some new faces or inspire others to create their own craft oasis with friends.
before the con started i hopped on a crafty caravan and toured local spots, including wholly craft, modern surprise party, blockfort gallery and studios, and a sweet tiki bar. blockfort is such a nice space! we popped into allison's rose's awesome studio and screen printed koozies with gemma correll's design for con. her space was so organized and visually appealing i was practically drooling. i mean, look at those VHS tapes?!
we spent three solid days attending learning sessions of our choice. a plethora of inspirational crafty business ladies shared insight on social media, PR, alternate revenue streams, copyright, quitting your day job, kickstarter, retail, taxes, craftivism (with betsy greer!), and more. on top of all that were three major keynotes! gemma correll, vickie howell, and the crafty chica herself kathy cano-murillo gave amazing talks that were funny, inspirational, heartfelt, on-point, and all unique to their own vibrant personalities and individual business and career paths.

throughout the con we were also able to attend DIY sessions and work on embroidery, shibori, macrame, journal making, dog drawing, and painted bangle bracelets, so it was a healthy blend of learning and playing. when we weren't doing that we were on an evening craft crawl, watching wild karaoke, messing with google eyes, hanging in the camp tent, and other such shenanigans.
it being a conference in ohio in the midwest, there were plenty of folks from ohio, as well as folks coming from california, iowa, pennsylvania, alaska, new york, tennessee, and berlin! there was a nice crew of crafters front the detroit area as well, and it was great to connect with them all weekend! here's a pic of us right after crafty chica's keynote and before we left the con. we all left slap-happy with ideas, inspiration and love for this craft community!
this year the organizers made the decision to make the conference biannual, so if you were thinking about going, put february 2020 on your calendar! it really is something crafters should experience at some point. i want to thank grace, megan and brit for putting on such a great con. i haven't participated in any shows in ohio, so it was my first time meeting these kick-ass ladies, and it was an absolute pleasure. 

fist pumps for pom poms! 


Friday, February 02, 2018

fighting the winter blues

by attending a 48 hour slumber party for crafty feminists! where i spent the weekend making x-files themed crafts, because, well, season 11 is alive and happening! yes, that is a red speedo ;) you're welcome.

it was a fabulous weekend of spending time with friends while crafting, eating, drinking, crafting, laughing, petting the dog, watching amy sedaris, crafting, drinking, eating, petting the dog, and laughing some more. i am so grateful for this lil bizz of mine and all the wonderful friends and quality shenanigans it has brought to my life.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

holiday craft fairs!

winter craft fairs have come and gone! as have the holidays. the past few months have been a whirlwind! i'm still catching up around here. i had an amazing time at DUCF and DIYpsi this year, as always. i'm telling you, the folks that make up the midwest craft scene are the all-around best, and every year i ask myself, "how do i get to know these people?" because it's an absolute privilege to be included in this basket with these amazing human beings. i'm close friends with many of these makers and see several year-round. but at these winter shows, it's like a family reunion where you get to see and high five and drink beers with all the rest that come from all over to peddle crafts in a basement or in the largest masonic temple in the world. these are my people. there is a magic in the air as we're slap-happy and exhausted, slanging crafts, making jokes, and covering each others tables as we try to run to the bathroom.

i'm currently smiling ear to ear with tears in my eyes thinking about everything. dang argyle isn't my main job. i do this for fun, and to be in this amazing community, and for the creative outlet. sure, it's hard to do it all, but i wouldn't change anything. i just did my 12th DUCF -- that's crazy! how have i been doing this this long? it's pretty much all i know at this point.

in 2018 i look forward to plenty more of this craft life, which includes attending my first midwest craft con, crafty sleepovers, craft-a-way camp, kayaking excursions, brunches, and another year of no sleep til DUCF.


Wednesday, November 22, 2017