Thursday, October 09, 2014

small craft in detroit

the amazing and awesome small craft, amy and ethan cronkite, have been hosting pop-up shops and skillshares in detroit and beyond. (i hosted a book sculpture workshop in ann arbor last winter.) they are also the fine folks who brought us craft-a-way camp!

well, this saturday is the last of the monthly skillshare workshops in its current format! it's a painting class by aimee of enamor and will be at the trumbullplex in detroit. there will be treats, crafting, smiling faces, and more. you might even catch glimpse of the 2 cronkite kiddos running around being crafty and imaginative. 

i look forward to seeing what's next from small craft! it sounds like they have some fun up their sleeves with more crafty days for us ahead.

Monday, October 06, 2014

a great day for peaks freaks

well, the internet has exploded, so anyone who is interested in this fact has probably heard by now... twin peaks will be back in 2016! nine episodes will be filmed in 2015 and the show will air on showtime in early 2016. the show will take place 25 years later (the last episode aired in june 1991.) it is yet to be announced who, if any, of the original characters/ actors will return for this continuation of the series (edit: agent cooper/kyle maclachlan is IN!)

holy smokes! i'm very excited. i'm also afraid. i mean, it's a cult phenomenon. i watched this show on tv when it originally aired in the early 90s. it was big deal! will it be ruined by being revisited? what's keeping me excited is that mark frost and david lynch are writing it all and lynch will be directing all episodes. they will get to tell their story. (and we all know what happened to their ideas in season 2....) ah! this is crazy news.

let's not forget about those cute pouches i made. 

or that time i hosted a twin peaks party.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

national kale day!

happy national kale day to you! i am celebrating by hosting a dinner party that will include this delicious red curry soup with rice and purple kale by our favorite vegan chefs at ppk! i'll also be making some cheesy pull-apart bread and lots of kale chips! hooray! how will you be kale-a-brating?!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

the sewing party is coming!

on november 8th the magical world of sewing has its own day! the first ever sewing party takes place that day, and participants will be able to "attend" 30 online classes featuring sewing and crafting from a variety of teachers. and the classes will be viewable for 90 days after the event! so you really get the bang for your buck.

the talented nicole of sloe gin fizz worked on the graphics for the event (look at that sewing machine playing a record!!!!), and i've been chatting with her during the production process, so i'm excited to see what the online event will look like the day of the sewing party.

check out this charming video for a little teaser...
and then go register. or buy a tshirt.

Monday, September 22, 2014

summer in the fall in the mitten

much of last weekend was simply a lovely michigan weather weekend. i spent part of it climbing the dunes at warren dunes state park! a first for me, and soooooo beautiful. 

i also visited some pigs at the LEGO store... 

and some cute chickens at the spring valley nature preserve!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

falling into fall

fall in michigan is apparently here early! chilly weekends in this beautiful state are perfect for fall craft fairs and fall festivals. this past weekend i got my fill.
i spent some time at the ever amazing DIY street fair in ferndale. where i shopped the fabulous DIY vendors, ate vegan mac and cheese, ate a hero from hero or villain's food truck, and drank delicious blake's hard cider. flannel mouth! and i learned that cider with jabanero is pretty good. 

theater bizarre is always a sight wherever they go. 

i have been meaning to hit up northville winery for some hard cider - it's one of my faves and i was excited to visit the tasting room. they serve flights in muffin tins! it did not disappoint. except for the bees. and the crazy busy cider mill next to it, that we totally avoided. 

the city of northville also had the victorian festival happening, complete with lumberjack theme. um, we didn't see much evidence of either... but we did happen upon a desolate and odd little carnival, so we rode some rides and laughed our butts off!

HA HO HE. we could not stop laughing. it was a very interesting carnie adventure. 

and that's how you do a crisp goodbye summer kind of weekend in the mitten state.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

DIYpsi recap!

corner brewery in ypsilanti set the scene for another great DIYpsi indie art fair! this was the first time the show was at corner for a summer show, and they expanded it outside to the back beer garden where they had had feral foods CSA selling produce and folks doing henna tattoos. they also shut down norris street to fit in a 2nd beer garden, food vendors, a stage for live music, couches, and more artists! 

DIYpsi was dang argyle's first show for 2014. this was also my first summer show in three years and i nearly forgot how much fun they are! i had a blast with my amazing fellow vendors, and enjoyed vegan brats, vegan ice cream and a few hard ciders. thank you so much to everyone who came out to the show, and thanks to all things grow, tin angry men, and the library lab for organizing a great show! 
yarn bombs courtesy of yourfriendlyneighborhoodyarnbomber
diypsi quilt. say no more.
cheers card from sloe gin fizz w/ a side of northville cider
oh! it's the dang table. 
i bought a steve zissou a print from arthur's plaid pants, a beautiful necklace from the library lab, buttons from barrel of monkeys, (the above) card from sloe gin fizz, DIypsi poster from warpaint studio, yummy soaps from cellar door, and a top secret gift that i can't even mention!