Tuesday, June 30, 2015

east coast adventuring

i've gone on a few trips to the east coast this year and have visted new york city more than i ever thought i would. (i'm going again next week, in fact!) this past april when i went i visited the high line for the first time and it was amazing! i highly recommend it, and i also recommend not going during popular hours, as it can get crowded. i really enjoyed the flora and the public art installations. it would be great to go back and see what's new!

Friday, June 19, 2015

dang birthday sale!

this month marks the 9th anniversary of the dang argyle etsy shop! to celebrate we are offering 25% off dang goods in the shop through june 30th. use coupon code DANG9PARTY at checkout!

thanks so much for staying on the dang ride with us -- it's been an absolute blast!  XO

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

girls standing on lawns

i came across this enchanting book at the library the other day and fell completely in love. i was overcome with a sense of nostalgia, feminism, purpose, and life.

i've always loved photography and photographs, and as a person also into family history i really enjoy sifting through old photos from my parents and grandparents. i can't help but stare at the images and wonder what was happening, what were these people thinking, experiencing, feeling.

girls standing on lawns is a collaboration between illustrator maira kalman, author daniel handler, and the museum of modern art. (this is the first in a series of collaborations!) the book is filled with photographs of girls standing on lawns that are straight from MoMA's collection. with each photo is text by handler, with paintings by kalman interspersed. in 2012 i heard kalman and handler give a penny stamps talk in ann arbor, and it was a amazing. so as i read books they collaborated on i really get a sense of the two of them working together.

this is such a beautiful book in every way and i'm happy to have crossed paths with it.
one morning
we found some photographs.
one morning 
these girls stood on lawns.
we looked at the pictures,
and we got to work. 

there's no use standing around.
you should so something.
perhaps she stood there
so that she could stand still.
stand for something, 
stand for something!
otherwise what do
you stand for, 
why are you even standing?

* photos, illos, and quoted text are from the book

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

björk & the moma

last week i was able to visit the museum of modern art in new york for the first time, and i was taken aback with all the wonderful art! the space is amazing and going from room to room seeing such amazing art was killing me! so, so good. and then i walked into the björk exhibit. sigh. i've read mixed reviews of the exhibit, and all i can say is that i really enjoyed it and the experience it allowed. i haven't listened to björk's music in a while so it was nice to be thrown back into her strange little world.

there was a room that was playing a loop of a variety of her music videos, as well as another room that showed the ten minute film black lake. my favorite part of the exhbition was the songlines portion which featured costumes and memorabilia set up chronologically where you walk through while listening to a set track that leads you from room to room. music, words, abstract that allows you to experience what you are seeing around you. so cool! i definitely need to go back to the MOMA and explore more.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


this year's festifools parade was amazing! it was sunny and beautiful out, and after spending the previous friday night in the rain for foolmoon, the sun was so welcome! festifools features giant handmade papier mache puppets, wrangled by foolish folks of all ages. everyone is encouraged to dress up silly and join in the parade. i help lead the robot invasion and this year we had some great robots! this year theme was retro, so it featured puppets from previous years, as well as relics like pacman and rock 'em sock 'em robots. kermit and the detroit party marching band were also kickin' it on instruments! woohoo! i really love this event and i can't wait until next year.

Friday, April 17, 2015


friday night is foolmoon, sunday afternoon is festifools. both are amazing and fun and make for THE BEST weekend of the year. this year i decided to make a luminary for the first time, and i ended up leading one of the luminary processionals! i had a blast, despite the pouring rain that began just as we were set up and waiting outside to walk our twenty minutes heading into downtown to meet up with the other two processionals and the rest of the party! the jam was complete with a beer tent, djs and dancing in the street! 
here is the luminary i made, warming up in the beer tent. mr minifig and i were soaked! 

Thursday, April 09, 2015

air plants: the curious world of tillandsias

i saw this book at the library and couldn't resist picking it up -- it's beautiful! and all about those quirky looking little plants known as air plants.

air plants: the curious world of tillandsias by zenaida sengo talks all about designing and living with these odd and beautiful plants. the book discusses different types of air plants, how to care for them, and how to arrange and display them in magical ways throughout your house. these plants are so versatile, and pretty easy to care for.

i've had a few in my house -- i think i got them all from andy over at the foraging florist, and they've been small ones that sadly, eventually died on my watch. i hope you have more of a green thumb than me and my dark, low-light house! because these plants are amazing.