dang argyle started as two life-long best friends sewing things. manz now runs dang argyle and makes things out of ann arbor, michigan, as well as maintains this blog. cortney currently does her own thing in the pines of wisconsin.

dang argyle works in textiles and sews up bags and pouches from our own hand block printed fabric. i also dabble in other crafts such as block printed cards, tiny collages, and tiny cross stitch pieces. 

the dang argyle seed was planted in august 2005. the following june we had a shop on etsy and a few weeks later we were working on our first wholesale order. then in august 2006 we participated in our first show, which was the first detroit urban craft fair, and we've been craftilicious ever since! it's been a super fun ride.

this business is a wonderful creative outlet and i'm forever grateful for the opportunity and for all the wonderful people i've met along the way! the crafting community is such a special place to be involved in and i am constantly in awe at the amazingly talented crafters that are out there. keep crafting!


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