Saturday, January 23, 2010

oh canada

i went to the thrift store today to try and find some "new" linens to cut and make into new dang stuff- i need some inspirational finds! sadly i didn't find much, fabric-wise, but i did find another canada apron! now i have two, so i guess it's a collection. i like the first one i found better, but this one's still neat.


Friday, January 22, 2010

argyle sighting: sweater art

looking for some happening argyle on etsy, i came across some lovely images depicting cool argyle sweaters!

first up is pooping rabbit's little mountain lion (agile leader) print, featuring a handsome animal wearing an argyle sweater. i love the prints in this series! (image © poopingrabbit, it is not mine.)

next up is dylan murphy's well photographic print. his shop contains many wonderful photos, including some that contain more argyle sweaters.
(photo © dylanmurphy, it is not mine.)

please have a peek at their websites and etsy shops! long live argyle, in all art forms.

Friday, January 15, 2010

twenty ten

once upon a time it was christmas break, and coco visited the mitten! (the real mitten.) and she and manz had a day in detroit and visited the DIA, which was excellent, since i haven't been there in a long time, since before the construction! (sadly, we did not shell out the extra $ to see the avedon exhibit... i know, i know, shoot me now.) we also visited city bird! we were happy to hear that the dang argyle items in the shop had already sold. at the shop coco bought the CUTEST pin of a bearded man, and i am forgetting who made it. it's a lovely shop and i'm glad we finally visited.

as far as dang arygleness goes... we changed some behind the scenes website action, are working on new stuff for some additional shops for consignment, and will hopefully add things to the etsy shop too! we're about to start taxes as well, which is our favorite thing ever. NOT.

happy new year!