Friday, February 26, 2010

getting things done (with parentheses)

despite today's constant wet and slushy snowfall, i was able to get many errands out of the way. one of which was visiting blue house ann arbor to drop off some consignment items (including the pictured australian wallet). the shop looks great, siobhan's done a great job, and i'm excited to see it all finished! it should open some time next week. (the grand opening/ craft fair will be march 20th.)

i did a bit of thrifting and found some fabrics... and another rack for table displays. is anyone else obsessed with finding "the perfect rack" to display your stuff? i have bought so many random ones at thrift stores. today i found an aqua crate- yes, bonus- i don't have to paint it. (i can also use it in my kitchen when it's not displaying purses.) ironically, i was donating some unwanted craft stuff, and a bunch of other stuff, as i've been purging and cleaning around this joint, including some display racks i no longer wish to use. so i donated one, and then immediately bought another. oh dear. but i'm not complaining.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

argyle sighting: chicago style

last week coco & manz met up in chicago for four days of fun. while there we spotted some argyle! first up was this recycled paper argyle notebook in one of the gift shops at the art institute of chicago.

later that night i spotted some snazzy green argyle signs in the frozen food section at trader joe's. how great!

my favorite argyle sighting did not get photographed. while i was ice skating in millennium park i spotted a couple that was wearing the best argyle knit hats! i was too busy ice skating to snap them, but boy i stared!

Monday, February 15, 2010

make way for spring craft fairs!

do you know what's great about this dreary time of year, when we're sick of winter and look forward to gardens and sun? spring craft fair talk is well under way! (for example, today is the last day to apply to craft revival.)

dang argyle's first show of the year will be handmade @ blue house, in ann arbor. it's a new shop that will open on march 1. d'argyle will be included among the artists/crafters with items for sale on consignment. in lieu of an opening night, there will be a mini craft fair to celebrate the grand opening! the event will take place at blue house ann arbor on saturday, march 20th, from 11am-5pm. mark your calendars, it's sure to be some unique fun.

blue house ann arbor has more than goods by local artisans for sale. this new shop will have events, workshops, classes, studio space, and more. be sure to check out the website to see what's shaking this side of town! thank you siobhan for your adventures! we wish you luck and look forward to working with you. :)