Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIYpsi recap

last weekend was our final craft fair of the year... DIYpsi at corner brewery in ypsilanti. what a fun show! after scrambling all week to restock the dang goods to have plenty of new goodies at the show, the show was somewhat low key and a super good time. it was great neighboring with heather of bettula, nicole of sloe gin fizz, and courtney of nests. the weekend was a wonderful end to a great crafty year! the last show of the year is always bittersweet, but i'll take it- as there's christmas stuff to prepare for.

there was a fabulous group of 35 local vendors, filling the place with handmade goods and christmas cheer. 

i was SUPER excited that my local favorites, the lunch room, was selling their delicious vegan food there. i consumed many spring rolls, corn chowder, cookies, and hot chocolate over the course of the weekend! 


a bunch of new goods have been added to the dang shop! check 'em out for that last minute gift.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

DUCF recap

this past weekend's detroit urban craft fair was amazing! in its 6th year, this was the first time the event was held at the masonic temple in detroit. the building is so beautiful! with over 1,000 rooms it's the largest masonic temple in the world. i could have spent forever peeking around at all the architectural details, but there was a craft fair going on! a craft fair with record breaking attendance, in fact. over 3,500 people came out to shop handmade and local. amazing, right?! a hearty thanks to all those who came out and shopped, and a BIG hearty thanks to handmade detroit for organizing another great show, and for just being all around awesome.

over 80 indie vendors from michigan and beyond were there- a truly lovely group of people. when doing craft fairs it's always nice to see my crafty pals, and to make new ones. i'll say it again- DUCF is like christmas, disneyland, and a family reunion all wrapped into one. i get teary eyed just thinking about the event and all that it means for detroit and craft. since the 2006 DUCF was the first show dang argyle did, i always get nostalgic about what the show means for the city, and how far everything has come along for us and craft world at large. i won't get crazy weepy nostalgic, like i did in last year's round-up, but the same kind of thoughts were/are swimming through my head. can i say magic?
since it was a craft fair, of course i did a bit of shopping! i bought some wonderful handmade gifts and some goodies for myself from these awesome artists: alisa bobzien, 1up gallery, handmade detroit, vintage in retrospect, sadly harmless, perfect laughter, tourist park, make-out goods, and jody lynn's emporium of doodles. i can't post pics just yet, because, well, they're gifts! i gotta surprise some folks.

what's next for dang argyle? we have one more holiday show! this weekend is DIYpsi at the corner brewery in ypsilanti. there will be 35 indie vendors both saturday and sunday. see you there!

Friday, December 02, 2011

new stuff for winter shows!

i've been working like mad making all sorts of new goodies for this winter. 
find these new cuties, and more, at DUCF or DIYpsi, then perhaps Etsy!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

first snow

we got our first few inches of snow last night. the kind of snow where you wake up and the trees are covered with snow forming a magical winter wonderland. that's my favorite part.

i had to dust off the big (undrycleaned) winter coat, and i froze my toes off at the bus stop. yep, winter's upon us! brrrrr.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

holiday show schedule

this holiday season we'll be participating in two local shows, on back to back weekends in december! i am super excited!

you'll find dang argyle in detroit and ypsi at the following events:

detroit urban craft fair
december 3-4
at the masonic temple
detroit, mi
$1 admission
december 10-11
at the corner brewery
ypsilanti, mi

i'll be there with all sorts of new zippered pouches, purses, wristlets, cards, mitten tags, and more. i hope to see you there!

if you're looking for more shows to visit, be sure to check the list i compiled. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

michigan mittens are back

michigan mitten cards and gift tags are currently in the dang shop. add a little mitten love to your holiday season with these cuties. 

both will be available at our upcoming shows!

Friday, November 11, 2011

guide to 2011 holiday craft fairs in the mitten

shoppers and crafters in southeastern michigan are quite spoiled come november and december, as there's a plethora of craft fairs happening in the area. each year i am in awe at the raw, creative talent that poors out of this fine mitten state. the talent includes those selling their art at these shows, as well as the organizers of them- as it's no simple feat. supporting independent artists at events like these is the way to go year round, and especially during the consumer-heavy holiday season. why not buy local and talk to the maker as you're making that special purchase?

each year i get super excited about not only participating in holiday craft fairs, but also hitting them up for some shopping! the hardest part is sticking to buying gifts and not wanting to buy everything for myself. 

here's a quick guide to give you the lowdown on where to shop when.  this is just a list i've gathered and wanted to mention, it's not all inclusive, and it doesn't mean the vendor lists are live on the event sites. check it out, and stay tuned to their websites for details and updates!
Nov. 12, 11-4pm
Ypsilanti Senior Center, Ypsilanti, MI

Nov. 19, 10-5pm
The Drayton Avenue Presbyterian Church, Ferndale, MI
Nov. 25-27, Fri. 12-10pm, Sat. & Sun. 11-7pm
Ferndale, MI
(Rust Belt is in action every weekend, but this weekend is the 3 day blockbuster)

Nov. 26, 10-4pm
Masonic Temple, Flint, MI

Dec. 3-4, Sat. 10-7pm, Sun. 11-6pm
Masonic Temple, Detroit, MI
(dang argyle will be vending!)

Dec. 10, 10-7pm
Braun Court, Ann Arbor, MI

Dec. 10-11, Sat. 11-8pm, Sun. 12-6pm
Corner Brewery, Ypsilanti, MI
(dang argyle will be vending!)

Dec. 17, 8-2am
Majestic Theater, Detroit, MI
(still accepting vendors through nov. 20!)

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

happy fall!

sorry for the lack of posts this past month. i have no real excuse, i've just been busy with not much to report. i have indeed been enjoying the fall we've had thus far! sipping on cider, making pumpkin muffins, loving the crunch of leaves under my feet, enjoying the chilly mornings at the farmer's market... and most recently, halloween festivities! i hope you've been having fun, too.

Monday, September 26, 2011

make it work at maker works

last week i attended a southeast michigan crafter meet-up held at maker works in ann arbor. what a great space! picture a large space with various rooms containing just about any maker tool you could imagine.

maker works is a membership-driven fabrication studio that offers members access to the tools and space to complete projects that you might not have the resources to do elsewhere.

there are four focused maker zones: CIRCUITS, METAL, CRAFT, WOOD. each zone contains a ton of wonderful tools, such as: sewing machines, a serger, a laser cutter, heat presses, an embroidery machine, a router, saws, a mill, a lathe, and many more. there are also a variety of classes that teach you how to use some of the larger machines. check out the maker works website for all the details on the tool types, memberships, and classes. if you're interested in checking out the space, join us for a crafty meet-up sometime!

Monday, September 12, 2011

fried green tomatoes!

while growing up, eating friend green tomatoes was a staple in our house during the summer. i felt like we were the only ones who made them, as my friends thought it was typically weird of my family. when the movie fried green tomatoes came out in 1991, we pretty much felt like the movie was made for us. it's a fine film, which of course features plenty of friend green tomato making at the whistle stop cafe!
i've been getting plenty of red tomatoes from folks i know and from my CSA share, so i've been plucking the tomatoes from my own yard while they're still green. there are plenty of recipes for making them. mine is a simple, yet tasty version that we made when i was young.
slice up the tomatoes as thick or thin as you'd like. i like them a little thinner so they get crispy faster. if they're a little thicker you can taste the tomato more. both ways are good. once sliced i coat them in a mixture of flour, salt and pepper. yes, that's it.
fry them in a bit of olive oil or vegetable oil, turning over once the first side has browned up. usually 5-7 mins on each side, depending on heat level.
when browned up to your liking, place them on a plate covered with paper towel, to absorb some of the oil. then plate, salt and eat! they're also good with butter on them - which is of course what we did growing up. we still make them at our summery family get-togethers, as we're all still happily hooked on the greens. (even my non-vegetable eating father.)

this is just the way my family made them. there are plenty of other recipes that use different ingredients for the batter. such as cornmeal, bread crumbs, milk, egg, panko, etc. if you have a favorite way to batter veggies, it would work for these. you can also deep fry them in an electric skillet with more oil. you might also wish to experiment with different dipping sauces to jazz them up a bit. or perhaps slap them on a sandwich for a special treat!

Monday, August 22, 2011

upcoming craft fairs in the mitten

even though dang argyle won't be participating in any shows in the next couple months, there some great local craft fairs on the horizon! if you're itching to get your DIY shopping fix on, or want a crafty venue to hang out with your pals with perhaps a beverage, check these out:
august 27-28: people's art fest- russell industrial center, detroit, MI
an outdoor show with a ton of artists, music and events going on all weekend.

 september 16-18: DIY street fair: ferndale, MI
an outdoor show with many artists, live music, a beer garden, food, and a kid zone. this show is a super fun time! 

october 8-9: liberty local, ann arbor art center, ann arbor, MI  
a new show (and in my neck of the woods!) in the heart of downtown, with 30+ local indie makers. 

don't forget about the rust belt market!
it happens EVERY saturday & sunday, year-around in ferndale, MI.
there are permanent vendors, and a crew of rotating vendors. this vibrant space is something to see! if you haven't been yet, make a plan. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

DIYpsi recap

i had a great time at DIYpsi last weekend at woodruff's bar in ypsilanti. there was something really relaxing about the whole thing. it was wonderfully organized by marcy, sherri and cre, which was apparent in every way. as always, i loved getting to see some of my favorite crafty peeps. as for the venue: how pretty are the colorful banners that were strewn throughout the place? it added some nice color to the warmth of the brick walls.
every vendor shared a table, which allowed for a larger sampling of artists in a small space. i shared a table with the always fabulous nicole of sloe gin fizz
while at the fair i treated myself to some wonderful earrings by vintage in retrospect. the artist creates treasures from vintage license plates! i look forward to getting more earrings by her. 

this was dang argyle's last show for a while! i have nothing coming up in the next few months, even though there are a bunch of art and craft fairs coming up.

in the meantime, i'll continue to update the etsy shop with some new goodies! check it out, much newness has arrived.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

crafter cards for you

i was delighted to be given the complete family sewing book... a practical and enjoyable approach to fashion, from 1979. it was rescued from the recycling bin and handed to me "because i sew." this book is a true gem. it's 500 yellowing pages with pink and blue illustrations of sewing and craft supplies. the illustrations are great, and the words are almost just as great, so i decided to cut it up and create cards out of it. for the cards i used french paper, a michigan paper company. here's a peek of the few i've been making.
i'll have many crafter cards, and newly sewn bags and pouches for the upcoming DIYpsi. all the fun happens in ypsi next saturday, august 13. there will be 35 hip indie vendors selling some great handmade stuff. i hear there will also be some great vintage clothing set up outside! it's at woodruff's again, so the atmosphere is sure to be lively!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

maker faire detroit recap

last weekend i had the honor and pleasure of participating in the 2nd maker faire detroit as part of handmade detroit's craft faire! maker faire is the midwest's largest DIY fair, celebrating making of all kinds, and it was amazing to see craft added to make. thank you to everyone who came out!

all weekend i was amazed at the juxtaposition of me at a craft fair in the henry ford museum, chilling next to the wienermobile, next to stormtroopers, next to henry ford's tractors, with etsy, many crafters, a needle arts zone, and live craft demos happening all day. all of this was going on while outside there was electronics and robotics in action with hackerspaces, a fire-breathing dragon, a fire-spitting little pony, a cupcake car, life size mousetrap game, experiments, and music... to say the least. it's hard to sum up! here are some of my favorite photos of the day.
day 1 we were set up in a long hallway inside the museum.
the dang table on day 1.
 day 2 the craft faire moved into the main part of the museum with the rest of the the fabulous craft stuff going on. great lakes garrison was also set up there with their stormtroopers! it was totally fun watching them all day.
the giant needles, yarn and embroidery hoop are part of the needle arts zone that was set up. people were instructing and learning how to knit, etc.
 etsy also had a booth there, featuring local teams. here we have whack-a-treasury in action.
on day 2 i had a few moments before we opened to venture outside finally, to see what the heck was going on. things were still and folks were setting up, but boy was there some neato stuff!

needless to say, it was quite a welcome overdose of crafting and making. as always, it was great to see my crafty buds and to meet new people and make new connections. 

for more photos (i took a lot!) check them out on our facebook page. the handmade gift guide also has some great write-ups on the event here and  here. and HD's own lish has a nifty blog post over at craft.

as for purchases, i made some trades for a great pair of copper earrings from sparklegarden, and a beautiful wrist cuff from courtney fischer jewelry