Friday, May 20, 2011

block printing at the blue house

last month i taught a block printing class to some lovely ladies over at blue house. we had a blast! i worked on carving a logo for blue house, while others worked on their own designs.

we went over tips and tricks of how to carve the block, what tools and materials are needed, and how to do the actual printing.

if you've been curious about the block printing process, and want to get your hands in some block printing ink, i am offering block printing 101 again next week. it's all happening thursday, may 26, from 6:30-8:30. the fee is $40 and you can register on the blue house website. all materials are included.

PS the owl block print is an early dang argyle design created by coco. i still love it. it's part of our logo!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

toboggan transformed

as stated in my rust belt market recap, i transformed my childhood toboggan into a purse rack. i didn't want to alter the toboggan or hammer nails into it, so i decided to build a separate base for the toboggan to sit in, so it would stand erect and not fall over when people touched the bags on it.
i measured the size of the base i wanted, and used a 2 x 4 and a smaller strip of wood to do the job. i needed something heavy enough to hold it down, and a back brace to help keep it from leaning backwards. this did the trick! i then stained it with a honey oak stain to resemble the wood of the toboggan. at the craft fair i just used tacks to hang the purses on, which left minimal holes. if i were gluing it, i would have glued old wooden thread spools to it and hung the purses off of those!
my next plan for the toboggan is to use it in my living room, without the base, propped up against or hung on a wall. i am either going to hang framed art on it, or add small shelves. (or i may just stick it back in my laundry room, sew a cushion for it, and take it on a snowy cruise come winter!)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

hello local awesomeness

last weekend i had the pleasure of vending at the rust belt market for the first time, and for opening weekend. this place looks spectacular! the concept is a year-round weekend market, that features handmade and vintage items made by local creators. housed in a former old navy store, owners chris & tiffany best had their work cut out for them transforming the old store into a vibrant, artistic space. some sellers are there every weekend, some only a day here and there. this fresh line-up of vendors allows for new and interesting goods to browse. and have i mentioned the look of this place? it is beyond fabulous, a total eyegasm of the senses. the booths of around 60 vendors are set up so creatively, utilizing every inch of their space, from wall to ceiling, with colorful and appealing displays that draw you in.

in addition to the vendor spaces, there are stunning artistic features all over the place. the center of the building features a handmade wooden stage that features occasional live music, and cozy couch-side seating to sit and enjoy the show. and there's plenty of room in front for the little ones to shake a hip with each other. there are also hand painted murals and art hanging all over the walls as well.
as for me... dang argyle was nestled between a derby girl selling whoopie pies and a father/son duo selling aerial photographs! that's a craft fair for ya! i was only there on saturday, and had a ton of fun in such a vibrant glowing environment. i didn't have much time to shop, but i was able to snag a coffee sack purse from burnwhere and a beautiful pillow from salt labs.

to enhance my space i decided to turn an old toboggan into a purse rack. which i will tell you all about in my next blog post!

* part of this is cross-posted at the blue house blog

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

arcimboldo's bold works

lately i've been fascinated by the art of italian painter giuseppe arcimboldo, of the high renaissance. (please click that link for some AWESOME images!) he has a range of styles, but i'm most intrigued by his "composite heads," portraits made up of fruits, vegetables, trees, fish, and other materials. i checked out a GIANT coffee table book of his work, and it's so fun to look at.

Summer, 1563

Water, 1566

The Librarian, 1566

Four Seasons in One, 1590

Flora, 1591

Winter, 1573