Wednesday, December 19, 2012

telecrafting / the wire

i pretty much cannot sew without  a TV show playing on the TV that is very near my sewing machine. namely TV shows that i've seen several times. we call this act #telecrafting. defintion: crafting while watching something on the TV. i've probably watched the wire the most while crafting, and i sure watched it like crazy during prep for this season's craft fairs.

while browsing for some goodies on etsy today i came across these cross stitched beauties made by watty's wall stuff. the wire is filled with memorable characters, and omar and the bunk are some of the finest.

bunk is the man.
omar comin'
photos by alicia watkins / watty's wall stuff

evidence from a few weeks ago. proximity!

Monday, December 10, 2012

DIYpsi craft fair recap!

this past weekend at DIYpsi was amazing! i had such a great time, i was sad to see it all end. the corner brewery was packed all weekend with the most loveliest of shoppers and the air was filled with such a magical vibe. it was fantastic to see so many enthusiastic shoppers, and to have so many friends stop by! i had fun hanging out with my neighbors jason giber and oh so betty, eating delicious vegan food, and shopping. i bought some top secret gifts for people, and traded for some cute stuff for myself. gotta treat yo self at these events! thank you so much to marcy, sherri, and cre for putting on another great DIYpsi. i'm so glad this show exists!

and so ends the 2012 craft fair circuit for d'argyle! life's been a whirlwind the past few months preparing for DUCF and DIYpsi. now's the time to work on special orders, and i'm going to try and update the shop with a few new things as well.

thanks again to all those who shop at these local craft fairs. the artists work so hard to bring the best to these shows, and it's wonderful when their hard work finds happy homes.

here's betty picking out some cards to trade for a new coffee cup muff.

both days there was a line outside waiting to get in. probably for the top notch screen printed swag bags that went to the first 50 guests each day.

i've been making these mini librobot cards for my fall and winter shows this year. quite fun! people enjoy picking out which dates to get stamped on their card. and i love the teaching opportunity that arises when kids ask, "what's that?"

the lunch room was selling food at corner all weekend, and due to the fact that they make the best vegan food around, i was in heaven. i totally overdosed on mochas and loaded nachos. (hello new coffee mug cozy!) the owners, phillis and joel, are the best and i can't wait until they open a restaurant.

 this lil ugly santa was chillin' throughout the show. he was jazzed with this new wooden file box.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

DIYpsi craft fair!

DIYpsi takes places this weekend at the corner brewery in ypsilanti, on saturday 11-7pm, and sunday 12-6pm! the show features 36 wonderful vendors that will have some great handmade goodies that would make nice gifts for your favorite people. it's dang argyle's last show of the year and i'm looking forward to enjoying the show. it's been a busy few months! i will indeed be bringing some new stuff to ypsi this weekend. all craft, all the time!! did i mention that this show is in a brewery?! yep, you can shop crafts while drinking a good beer. i mean, COME ON!

i'm also super excited that ann arbor's the lunch room will be there selling their AMAZING vegan food! loaded nachos and bánh mì chay, here i come! check out the weekend's menu!

see you there!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

detroit urban craft fair recap

thank you so much to everyone who came out to the seventh annual detroit urban craft fair, held at the beautiful masonic temple in detroit! this is an amazing show to participate in and to shop at! i look forward to it all year. DUCF was the first craft fair that dang argyle sold at, way back in august 2006! so it's near and dear to my heart and brings out the emotions every year. this year was no exception. this year's fair featured over 100 stellar vendors- many local, but also sellers coming in from chicago, indiana, and toronto, to name a few. it was great to catch up with my crafty buds and enjoy the weekend selling handmade goodies to a wonderful crowd. and it was nice that so many of my friends came to visit!

as always, handmade detroit did a great job organizing a great event! best of luck to stephanie tardy diumstra as she leaves the group to move on to other crafty adventures in her own neck of the woods.

what's next? this weekend is DIYpsi, and will be our last show of 2012! it's amazing how time seems to go by so quickly.

how amazing is this building! i loved being in it for two days.

Monday, November 26, 2012

new dang goods

i've been working like a mad woman making new things for the upcoming detroit urban craft fair and DIYpsi, both of which i'm super excited for. here's a sneak peek:

Saturday, November 17, 2012

two weeks until DUCF!

the detroit urban craft fair, or DUCF, as we like to call it, is in just TWO WEEKS!

check out the full vendor list so you can keep tabs on which artists to look for the weekend of the show. you'll find some your favorites and some new folks, too.

i'm busy making all sorts of new goodies for the show...
see you there!

Monday, November 05, 2012

michigan mittens gift tags

michigan mittens gift tags are now in the dang shop for the season! they're a cute bit of whimsical michigan pride that would look great on any package this holiday season.

each set of 6 comes with 3 red and 3 teal tags.

you'll also find these cuties at DUCF and DIYpsi in december!

Thursday, November 01, 2012

damn fine party

leading up to mid-october my brain went a little twin peaks crazy, and for good reason. i hosted a twin peaks themed costume party and i went crazy with the small details. i mean, if you're going to host a twin peaks party you may as well host a twin peaks party! i've had it in my system to be the log lady for halloween for several years now, and i figured why not do it up?! i ended up dressing as nadine the cheerleader though.
i created the red room of black lodge fame using thrifted curtains i altered to fit the space, and a floor made of cardboard, spray paint and duct tape. i can't believe i found four red curtain panels a week before the party, and at $5.99! i love the way it turned out. in fact, i kept it up for a few weeks. the owl came from my parent's summer cottage. laura and bob needed to be present, of course. and PIE. mass quantities of pie and donuts, and dang it, there were! we feasted on vegan cherry pie, and a pumpkin pie. i actually made donuts for the first time! i bought a few dozen regular donuts, and then made some vegan ones that turned out pretty well and were scarfed down by a couple dr. jacobys, a few lelands, audrey, a couple nadines, leo, bob, blackie, pete, lucy, andy, and the log lady. i was super jazzed that 99% of my guests came in costume, even if they knew nothing about the show. shockingly, NO ONE came dressed as agent cooper.

did i mention that there was also coffee a brewing? and we sipped on cherry pie in the sky cocktails and japanese owl beer. the cocktails were a bit sweet, but super yum. a chicago friend was supposed to come into town for the party, but had to miss it, so she sent flowers instead. if you look closely you'll notice that the flowers are actually an interpretation of laura palmer dead wrapped in plastic. pretty genius, right?!
you could say that i finally got it all out of my system... but it kind of makes me want to do it all over again.

Friday, October 26, 2012

fall + winter shows!

once again it's that time of year when shoppers and sellers delight in local craft fairs! each year i am in awe at the raw, creative talent that poors out of this fine mitten state. the talent includes those selling their art at these shows, as well as the organizers of them- as it's no simple feat. supporting independent artists at events like these is the way to go year round, and especially during the consumer-heavy holiday season. why not buy local and talk to the maker as you're making that special purchase?

each year i get super excited about not only participating in holiday craft fairs, but also hitting them up for some shopping! here's a quick guide to give you the lowdown on where to shop when. this is just a list i've gathered and wanted to mention, it's not all inclusive, and it doesn't mean the vendor lists are live on the event sites. check it out, and stay tuned to their websites for details and updates!
Oct. 27, 10-9
Ann Arbor Art Center, Ann Arbor, MI

Craft Circus
Nov. 3, 11-4pm 
Ypsilanti Senior Center, Ypsilanti, MI

Nov. 17, 10-5pm
The Drayton Avenue Presbyterian Church, Ferndale, MI
Nov. 23-25
Ferndale, MI
(Rust Belt is in action every weekend, but this weekend is the 3 day blockbuster)

Nov. 24, 10-4pm
Masonic Temple, Flint, MI

Dec. 1-2, Sat. 10-7pm, Sun. 11-6pm
Masonic Temple, Detroit, MI
(dang argyle will be vending!!)

Dec. 8, 10-7pm
Braun Court, Ann Arbor, MI

Dec. 8-9, Sat. 11-8pm, Sun. 12-6pm
Corner Brewery, Ypsilanti, MI
(dang argyle will be vending!!)

Dec. 14
Majestic Theater, Detroit, MI
(still accepting vendors through nov. 18!)

Thursday, October 04, 2012

the owls are not what they seem

new to the dang shop is the red room pouch! if you're a fan of twin peaks you'll immediately recognize it. i'm hosting a fall twin peaks party, so i've had twin peaks on the brain lately. when this design popped into my head and i had to immediately find chevron fabric to make it. i combined the new chevron fabric with a stash of thrifted red fabric and voila! it's a made to order item that's currently for sale in the dang shop.

The One Armed Man and The Man From Another Place highly recommend it.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

DIY street fair!

the DIY street fair is just TWO WEEKS AWAY! the poster says it all: bands, beer, crafters, food, and a ferris wheel! there are some really great vendors this year, check out the full list.

i'm busy making all sorts of new dang goods for the 2.5 day show! i've been woring with vintage linens, piping, bows, scout patches, and lots of browns and aquas. i'll be sharing tent #134 with the lovely sherri of sparklepants industries. i do hope you'll stop by and say hi!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

purple robots vs. chewbacca

without a doubt, maker faire detroit 2012 was super fun! it was great to get to see a lot more of the fair this year, and i had a great time walking around exploring. i was feeling under the weather, so i didn't experience the full potential, so i'm already looking forward to next year.
i did a block print demo as part of handmade detroit's craft fair. i love these little purple robots! adults and children were able to print up their own stamp onto a paper of their choice. this stamp will probably make it's way onto some dang argyle cards in the near future.

there were all sorts of interesting bikes and cars zipping around...

and no maker faire is complete without a ROAR from chewbacca. the 501st legion sure brings it!

and i got to hang with this little cutie and her siblings all day as we sought out shade and kiddie stuff to do.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

maker faire + craft faire

this weekend, july 28-29, is the 3rd annual maker faire detroit! it's held at the historic henry ford in dearborn. this event is spectacular and hard to put into words. last year there was a life sized mouse trap game, a giant coke & mentos experiment, and a fire breathing dragon. there will definitely be something too see and do for the maker and the geek in all of us. oh, and there's a craft fair, too!

during last year's fair i was a vendor in handmade detroit's craft faire, and what a blast i had hanging out with etsy, storm troopers, and other crafters. (see my recap here.) this year i'll be taking in the sights, observing science, building a robot, watching demos, and doing my own demo!

that's right! at 12:30pm on saturday i'll be doing a block printing demonstration at the craft demo stage inside the henry ford museum. come say hi!

Monday, July 23, 2012

avocado chocolate chip creamsicles

when the weather outside is frightful because it's so hot, it's a great time to get making some frozen treats. i recently bought popsicle molds, then almost instantly came across this recipe via twitter. it's from the copycat cook, and they're delicious, and totally vegan!

  • 2 avocados
  • 3/4 cup coconut milk (i used canned)
  • 1/4 cup honey or agave nectar (i used agave)
  • 1/4 cup mini chocolate chips (enjoy life is my favorite brand)
combine avocado flesh and coconut milk in blender until well combined. you can add a bit of water if it seems too thick. add the sweetener while blending. after it's well mixed, stir in the chocolate chips by hand. (you can always use more or less of all ingredients to suit your own taste. i used 1/4 cup agave, and they were too sweet for me, so i'll use less next time.)  finally, pour mixture into popsicle molds and freeze until frozen into deliciousness.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

summer craft & art fairs!

there are a few crafty shopping opportunities coming up through the end of summer. if you're looking for some craft + make + art, to break up all those great lakes trips, throw these on your calendar:
july 18-21 is the big ann arbor art fair. this event is huge, and not all of it contains things you may like. in addition to the main art vendors there are many artists setting up shop on the sidewalks. there will literally be art (and weird stuff) everywhere! i plan to say hi to sloe gin fizz, little sister jewelry, courtney fischer jewelry, and all things grow, who are setting up at 322 liberty, near seva.

summer 2012 poster by FM DUST
also this saturday, july 21, is the shadow art fair in ypsilanti. be sure to check out the vendor list. lots of new art to see. and a new shadow brew to taste. i highly recommend buying some greens from the foraging florist!

july 28-29 is the amazing maker faire detroit at the henry ford museum! handmade detroit's craft faire will be set up in the craft zone, so keep an eye out. here's the vendor list. i'm really looking forward to seeing more of the fair this year!

The Blind Pig Hosts: THE LOCAL BAZAAR!
on sunday, august 5, the local bizarre will be happening at the blind pig in ann arbor. a combination of vintage sellers and local artists will be selling their wares. something for everybody! as well as a full bar and local DJs spinning.


even when i'm not selling at local craft fairs i love attending them for many reasons. seeing friends, finding original handmade goods to buy, often having tasty snacks or beverages, meeting new people, chatting about art and craft and the world! craft fairs are such a fun place to be, and i give big props to those who organize and sell at them. 

Friday, June 29, 2012

art show adventuring

last weekend i had the pleasure of visiting the talented nicole ray, of sloe gin fizz's, first solo art exhibition! the animal behaviors exhibit was held at the adorable little monsters toy store in downtown lake orion. the show featured original paintings and prints of animals doing interesting things-- such as a seahorse smoking a pipe, a turtle on a balloon adventure, and a fox in sox. (some are in her etsy shop now, and you should have a peek.) as always, the images are fantastically whimsical and i was happy to see a collection of them on display. way to go, nicole! 
while we were there a friend and i did some exploring around the town. the little monsters toy store was packed with toys and fun gifts, and we both walked away with some neato finds. (if you have not played the game farkle, i highly recommend it.) we walked around the small downtown area and happened upon a costume shop, an antique shop (that was closed, but very pink), and an art center that had a dragon float out front. it's always fun to explore new places and see what new delights can be found. we dined at the sagebrush cantina, which gets rave reviews, but ended up not being very vegetarian or vegan friendly, so we filled up on margaritas and salsa and chips.

 all in all it was a lovely summer day of exploring the town and admiring nicole's art. 


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a birthday sale!

june 17 was the 6th anniversary of us opening the dang argyle etsy shop! and august will mark 7 years for dang argyle as a crafty business. (did cortney and i really dream this whole thing up that long ago? dang!)  we're celebrating with a wee bit of a sale. the sale and coupon code will be good until i decide to take it down. how's that?

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

books: a year of mornings

not exactly a new book, a year of mornings: 3191 miles apart is a photographic collaboration by maria alexandra vettese and stephanie congdon barnes. one living in portland, maine, and the other in portland, oregon, the two friends met online via their own blogs. eventually they realized that a collaboration between them was inevitable and thus mornings was born. the book features a collection of images photographed by the two women. each photographed an image from their morning and posted it online. the end result was put into book format, and includes notes about the project. it also includes a few of the comments that people left on the original blog as the photos were posted.
it's an interesting look at how the minutiae in life can contain such beauty, and it's wonderful to the compare the work of the two women, who obviously share a sense of style. i was tickled to stumble upon the book at my library, as i love to see what kinds of collaborations are born among the creative. i was happy to hear that the project still exists in some formats and that other collections have been put together. a year of sundays is currently happening, and you should have a peek.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

crafting the small business

crafting the small business is a 9-week series of panel event sessions that cover a wide range of topics focusing on small businesses, namely the handmade side of things. organized the fabulous maker works, the series meets every thursday night in ann arbor from june 7- august 2. each event session covers a different topic hosted by local crafters and small business owners, and features panels and hands-on workshops.
this is a wonderful resource for artists looking to make the next step, or who are in the midst of running a small craft business and need some direction. it's also a great opportunity to check out the maker works space! registration for crafting the small business sessions is required and you can do so anytime. 

session topics include:
  • visioning 
  • pricing and revenue 
  • your marketing toolbox 
  • art of giving great service 
  • pop up events and shows 
  • photography and styling 
  • into the online marketplace 
  • the brick and mortar store 
  • ethics of handmade: taxes and insurance

Thursday, May 24, 2012

argyle sighting, lake style

the seasons are doing amazing things! which means it's time to hang out at the lake in the sunshine, and frolick on the beach with small cute things. this past weekend featured some ARGYLE sported by my nephew. (remember argyle sightings?)

oh, and just for fun, here's his adorable new puppy daisy, on her first boat ride. she looks really enthused!