Friday, February 17, 2012

winter break & occupying love

hello dangsters! it's been a while. i suppose the dang and the argyle have been on winter break. working on personal projects and magical wintery happenings.

one beautiful thing that happened recently was a fancy dinner celebrating the fall wedding of two friends. my talented friend olivia baked a cake in their honor, and created a cake topper cross-stitch piece of the happy couple. how great is that? (as a vegan, i did not consume said cake, but everyone else was raving about it. because olivia is a fabulous baker.)

in addition to the cross stitch, she also created paper flowers and hung bunting to create a beautiful wedding decor to fill a small fancy dinner party with the perfect ambiance.

i too have been working on some cross-stitch again, finally! i'll post the final project when completed.

*there may or may not have been too much wine consumed. there may or may not have been an "occupy the loft" portion of the evening.