Saturday, May 26, 2012

crafting the small business

crafting the small business is a 9-week series of panel event sessions that cover a wide range of topics focusing on small businesses, namely the handmade side of things. organized the fabulous maker works, the series meets every thursday night in ann arbor from june 7- august 2. each event session covers a different topic hosted by local crafters and small business owners, and features panels and hands-on workshops.
this is a wonderful resource for artists looking to make the next step, or who are in the midst of running a small craft business and need some direction. it's also a great opportunity to check out the maker works space! registration for crafting the small business sessions is required and you can do so anytime. 

session topics include:
  • visioning 
  • pricing and revenue 
  • your marketing toolbox 
  • art of giving great service 
  • pop up events and shows 
  • photography and styling 
  • into the online marketplace 
  • the brick and mortar store 
  • ethics of handmade: taxes and insurance

Thursday, May 24, 2012

argyle sighting, lake style

the seasons are doing amazing things! which means it's time to hang out at the lake in the sunshine, and frolick on the beach with small cute things. this past weekend featured some ARGYLE sported by my nephew. (remember argyle sightings?)

oh, and just for fun, here's his adorable new puppy daisy, on her first boat ride. she looks really enthused!