Friday, June 29, 2012

art show adventuring

last weekend i had the pleasure of visiting the talented nicole ray, of sloe gin fizz's, first solo art exhibition! the animal behaviors exhibit was held at the adorable little monsters toy store in downtown lake orion. the show featured original paintings and prints of animals doing interesting things-- such as a seahorse smoking a pipe, a turtle on a balloon adventure, and a fox in sox. (some are in her etsy shop now, and you should have a peek.) as always, the images are fantastically whimsical and i was happy to see a collection of them on display. way to go, nicole! 
while we were there a friend and i did some exploring around the town. the little monsters toy store was packed with toys and fun gifts, and we both walked away with some neato finds. (if you have not played the game farkle, i highly recommend it.) we walked around the small downtown area and happened upon a costume shop, an antique shop (that was closed, but very pink), and an art center that had a dragon float out front. it's always fun to explore new places and see what new delights can be found. we dined at the sagebrush cantina, which gets rave reviews, but ended up not being very vegetarian or vegan friendly, so we filled up on margaritas and salsa and chips.

 all in all it was a lovely summer day of exploring the town and admiring nicole's art. 


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a birthday sale!

june 17 was the 6th anniversary of us opening the dang argyle etsy shop! and august will mark 7 years for dang argyle as a crafty business. (did cortney and i really dream this whole thing up that long ago? dang!)  we're celebrating with a wee bit of a sale. the sale and coupon code will be good until i decide to take it down. how's that?

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

books: a year of mornings

not exactly a new book, a year of mornings: 3191 miles apart is a photographic collaboration by maria alexandra vettese and stephanie congdon barnes. one living in portland, maine, and the other in portland, oregon, the two friends met online via their own blogs. eventually they realized that a collaboration between them was inevitable and thus mornings was born. the book features a collection of images photographed by the two women. each photographed an image from their morning and posted it online. the end result was put into book format, and includes notes about the project. it also includes a few of the comments that people left on the original blog as the photos were posted.
it's an interesting look at how the minutiae in life can contain such beauty, and it's wonderful to the compare the work of the two women, who obviously share a sense of style. i was tickled to stumble upon the book at my library, as i love to see what kinds of collaborations are born among the creative. i was happy to hear that the project still exists in some formats and that other collections have been put together. a year of sundays is currently happening, and you should have a peek.