Saturday, August 11, 2012

purple robots vs. chewbacca

without a doubt, maker faire detroit 2012 was super fun! it was great to get to see a lot more of the fair this year, and i had a great time walking around exploring. i was feeling under the weather, so i didn't experience the full potential, so i'm already looking forward to next year.
i did a block print demo as part of handmade detroit's craft fair. i love these little purple robots! adults and children were able to print up their own stamp onto a paper of their choice. this stamp will probably make it's way onto some dang argyle cards in the near future.

there were all sorts of interesting bikes and cars zipping around...

and no maker faire is complete without a ROAR from chewbacca. the 501st legion sure brings it!

and i got to hang with this little cutie and her siblings all day as we sought out shade and kiddie stuff to do.