Monday, April 28, 2014

to the ocean

compared to easter weekend's trip to a frozen lake... my recent trip to south carolina was a bit warmer! the weather was fabulous and my friends and i had a fantastic time lazing on the beach in myrtle beach and exploring around charleston. it was super mellow and lovely and hard to come back to michigan's rain and chilly temps.

our lovely beach view!

this place was the most fun i've ever had mini golfing! 
mount atlanticus minotaur goff, grand strand, myrtle beach

 the angel ash oak tree on john's island was GIANT

a day trip to charleston lead to some amazing historic buildings

 many were such great colors!

we happened upon this adorable shop called curiosity, but it was closed :( 

any shop that features bunting made of book pages is a winner in my book

murrells inlet sunset

i bought a new towel at a trashy tourist shop. i love it. 

all kinds of jellyfish were found washed up on the beach. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

to the lake

i love long weekends! this past weekend we went up to the boy's family's cottage at burt lake, and what a great time was had by all! the lake was frozen and there was plenty of time for adventure and relaxation.
 walking along the frozen lake. somebody may or may not have strapped on a pair of snowshoes and walked on the ice the next day. it was surely not me.

mr. pickle of the nomadic pickle project joined us on this trip and he had fun watching the snow melt and hanging with the birch trees.

 i finally had time to read the new issue of uppercase cover to cover and i LOVED this issue. it was all about pattern design and bookmarked about 59 designers. so much eye candy - i want it all. i highly recommend this magazine if you are into design or craft.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

festifoolin' around

festifools is always the first weekend in april and it is one of the best weekends of the year.

friday night is foolmoon... an outdoor celebration featuring parades of handmade luminaries that converge at a giant street party. this year it was cold, and there was rain, sleet and hail. but we still danced in the street and enjoyed the all the lights and people.
the beer/dance tent featuring flamingo and hedgehog

these were some of my favorite luminaries: the monarch butterfly life cycle!

 DJs, spinning and dancing and being creeped on by a giant rabbit

as if foolmoon isn't enough fun, the following sunday afternoon is the big festifools parade down main street. the "parade" features giant handmade papier mache puppets, wrangled by foolish folks of all ages. this is the 8th year for the event and the weather was spot on! 55 and sunny -- perfect weather for a parade featuring a robot invasion!
 (photo by k.raynor)

i absolutely LOVE spring and summer in this city, and festifools weekend is the official start of it all! 

Thursday, April 03, 2014

silver circle

they say a circle skirt is the easiest thing to sew. really? it was easy, but i still couldn't get the right size circle for my waist. i combined a few online tutorials i found. this is the first skirt i've sewn that is not terrible. i mean, it turned out kind of great and i can't wait to wear it. it's a full circle skirt made of silver pleather! which means no hemming or finishing seams, but it does have a full length exposed zipper closure in the back. 

i made this for the upcoming festifools event that parades down main st. in ann arbor this weekend. i am SO EXCITED for this event! the skirt is part of a robot costume i made, because there will be a ROBOT INVASION of festifools, and i'm happy to be a robot ringleader. yep! i'll let you know how it goes.