Wednesday, September 24, 2014

the sewing party is coming!

on november 8th the magical world of sewing has its own day! the first ever sewing party takes place that day, and participants will be able to "attend" 30 online classes featuring sewing and crafting from a variety of teachers. and the classes will be viewable for 90 days after the event! so you really get the bang for your buck.

the talented nicole of sloe gin fizz worked on the graphics for the event (look at that sewing machine playing a record!!!!), and i've been chatting with her during the production process, so i'm excited to see what the online event will look like the day of the sewing party.

check out this charming video for a little teaser...
and then go register. or buy a tshirt.

Monday, September 22, 2014

summer in the fall in the mitten

much of last weekend was simply a lovely michigan weather weekend. i spent part of it climbing the dunes at warren dunes state park! a first for me, and soooooo beautiful. 

i also visited some pigs at the LEGO store... 

and some cute chickens at the spring valley nature preserve!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

falling into fall

fall in michigan is apparently here early! chilly weekends in this beautiful state are perfect for fall craft fairs and fall festivals. this past weekend i got my fill.
i spent some time at the ever amazing DIY street fair in ferndale. where i shopped the fabulous DIY vendors, ate vegan mac and cheese, ate a hero from hero or villain's food truck, and drank delicious blake's hard cider. flannel mouth! and i learned that cider with jabanero is pretty good. 

theater bizarre is always a sight wherever they go. 

i have been meaning to hit up northville winery for some hard cider - it's one of my faves and i was excited to visit the tasting room. they serve flights in muffin tins! it did not disappoint. except for the bees. and the crazy busy cider mill next to it, that we totally avoided. 

the city of northville also had the victorian festival happening, complete with lumberjack theme. um, we didn't see much evidence of either... but we did happen upon a desolate and odd little carnival, so we rode some rides and laughed our butts off!

HA HO HE. we could not stop laughing. it was a very interesting carnie adventure. 

and that's how you do a crisp goodbye summer kind of weekend in the mitten state.