Monday, September 14, 2015

potassium enriched printing

i've been working on block printing a lot of fabric lately and this avocado stamp is one of my favorites so far. i can't wait to sew this up into something cute. keep an eye out for our new collection of dang argyle sewn goods made from fabric designed and hand block printed by us!

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

flower house in detroit

this october flower house is coming to detroit and it's going to be amazing. with lisa waud behind the idea you just can't go wrong. i can't wait to view this collection of flowers that's going to fill an abandoned house and turn it into joy. what is flower house?

the third weekend of october 2015, cutting edge florists from michigan and across the country will fill the walls and ceilings of an abandoned detroit house with american-grown fresh flowers and living plants for a weekend installation. flower house visitors will be welcomed to a weekend of exploration friday, october 16th through sunday october 18th.

timed tickets are on sale now! 
check out the flower house website for photos of what's to come.

Friday, September 04, 2015

our new logo!

have i told you about the new logo marcy davy of all things grow designed for us?! after years of that cute block printed owl we finally upgraded to a simple, modern logo that suits our style. it's kind of ironic that now that we're making all our goods from our own hand block printed fabric that we replace our block printed logo! i'm really happy with how this turned out and i can't wait to present the new logo and new stuff at future craft fairs!

Thursday, September 03, 2015

last goonie weekend

well, now that it's september i'm reflecting on the summer that was so summery. so, so summery indeed. i took one last trip up north two weeks ago, and it was divine. i spent five days in a cabin with two delightful friends and three sweet doggies, and i think it was the most relaxing vacation i've ever been on. we stayed at a cottage on drummond island off the eastern coast of the upper peninsula. if you seek a pleasant peninsula ain't no joke! sigh. we spent the days swimming, floating, planning meals, eating delicious food, and drinking delicious cocktails. no internet, no phones, no schedules. it was so, so good. here's to a fantastic summer!