Tuesday, October 27, 2015

dang argyle holiday show schedule!

this winter you'll find dang argyle at two gosh darn pretty awesome craft fairs in the mitten, and i could not be more excited! this marks our first show of the year, and i've been printing and sewing up all new things! last year both of these shows were off the hook in attendance and quality of crafters present.

you'll find us at the detroit urban craft fair and DIYpsi.

this year marks the 10th anniversary for DUCF and there is a special preview night and party that you can attend! and DIYpsi is taking over the whole riverside arts center!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

dang prints

i'm super excited about the new things going on at the dang HQ! i'm block printing all the fabric i'm using to make new things for upcoming shows! i have block printed on paper for years and one of my goals this year was to print my own fabric. at first i was going to screen print, then this summer i had a huge DUH moment when i thought about all i could do with a process i was already in love with -- block printing.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

flower house detroit

last weekend the most wonderful large-scale floral installation filled an abandoned house in hamtramck and over 2,000 attendees were left awestruck, speechless and muttering things about dreams, fairies, enchantment, and paradise. the flower house was beyond words, beyond what you could capture on film. if you have not heard of the project do not pass go until you've read all about it. the houses will now be responsibly deconstructed and the land turned into a floral farm and design center.

creator lisa waud's big project has been covered around the world - just google it and your eyes and mind will be blown to mellowy dreamy bits of goo. in fact, it's three days later and i'm still feeling a bit gooey. i'm so grateful to have witnessed such unique beauty, and i'm so proud and inspired by the creatives in my community. so many people i know were able to go and they too are still basking in the afterglow of such wonder.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

book pages: nature anatomy!

i am just in love with this book! nature anatomy by julia rothman is full of amazing illustrations and blurbs of things found in the natural world. things involving weather, flowers, animals, and so much more! a really great find for those who are into illustration, nature or beautiful books.

*all photos and illos are from the book